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Lord Vhazen remembers the Doctor

Posted 07-05-2017 at 12:43 AM by Lord Vhazen

"As the 12th Doctor's TARDIS solemnly drifts through empty space, the somber dread within him reaches its limit, and he is allowed now, for this one moment in time and space, to reflect. Now older than he was ever even meant to be, he still doesn't want to start over again. But after that quick conversation with his own self, he is reminded of what his name really means.

He hangs his coat - soon to be the last thing left of himself - and sighs, still longing a bit, and who could blame him? He was just getting started, and deep down he really was so happy to be given another chance. But now, the lonely Time Lord is running out.

Images project and race away from his mind as he feels himself slipping away - but it's more than before, for this time it's an entire regenerative cycle that's saying one last goodbye. Bill, Missy, and Clara are just one small step in such a long journey. No one person stood out more than the other, not in the end - Rose, Donna, Martha, Amy and Sarah - all of them and so much more are with him in spirit, and always will be. He looks back, around him and in front of him. Everyone is a memory, but he wouldn't dare forget a single line.

His friends, his enemies, and all of the people he's hurt - Every heroic deed, every act of cruelty, and every time he forgot himself - all of it came rushing back to him. The good times, and the bad times. Every act of decency, every lie he's told, and everyone who he led to death. Every life he's saved, and every mistake he's made - all of it comes now, to speak to him. The Doctor has not led a perfect life. He has lied, killed, and manipulated - even convincing some to take their own lives. But even with all of that darkness, he brought so much light to others who didn't even ask - so many times he had gone out of his way to do the right thing, and so many people owe themselves and the ones they love to him. He is, in every incarnation, a hero, no matter how many times he dismisses himself, and now the time has come to be there for someone else - to be someone else's Doctor. One step at a time, he has a whole new life ahead of himself, and now, with a little bit of effort, he is ready.

Energy flows softly from his skin, softer now than his more recent endings, as the past begins to slip away from him. He looks back at it one last time, and smiles. The world needs the Doctor, and there will always be someone to look out for. He is the Doctor, and he will always be the Doctor. His skin begins to burn, yet he is content with himself - for the first time since he put on this face. He is happy."

Just a quick thing I wrote up when I got bored. This is how I hope the 12th Doctor's final moment would be like in the show. Honestly, this is exactly how I want it - especially considering what's been recently revealed to us in the last episode. Wink wink. B)
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Varrok's Avatar
Oh, I remember Doctor (Jimmy by the) Who

Posted 07-06-2017 at 10:57 AM by Varrok Varrok is offline

Lord Vhazen's Avatar
tfw you're actually singing along and then he says he'll rape the girl
Posted 07-08-2017 at 01:43 AM by Lord Vhazen Lord Vhazen is offline

Varrok's Avatar
Inb4 LV goes to jail lol
Posted 07-08-2017 at 08:10 AM by Varrok Varrok is offline


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