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Posted 05-18-2011 at 05:06 AM by Nate
It's a bit of a long video (~15 minutes), but it's totally worth it to see the most self-deluding, arrogant, hilarious guy on the planet.
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Dynamithix's Avatar
It wouldn't load for me.
Posted 05-18-2011 at 06:37 AM by Dynamithix Dynamithix is offline

Wil's Avatar
It wouldn't load for me.
Posted 05-18-2011 at 07:12 AM by Wil Wil is offline

Wings of Fire's Avatar
It loaded for me ^^
Posted 05-18-2011 at 07:15 AM by Wings of Fire Wings of Fire is offline

JennyGenesis's Avatar
That was one of the funniest videos I have ever watched.
Posted 05-18-2011 at 08:07 AM by JennyGenesis JennyGenesis is offline

STM's Avatar
Incompetent tit fuck.
Posted 05-18-2011 at 08:14 AM by STM STM is offline

Nate's Avatar
How long did you leave it? It did take a minute to come up for me.

Or maybe New Zealand tv stations are selectively blocking England but not Wales and Scotland. Also Finland. How did I not know that Dynamathix was in Finland?
Posted 05-19-2011 at 03:16 AM by Nate Nate is offline

Splat's Avatar
It wouldn't load for me.

I got a sign saying 'Something's wrong; alack, the endless fields of treadmills! Argh! They're coming for me now! No! No! NO-O-O-O-O!' or something like that.
Posted 05-19-2011 at 04:38 PM by Splat Splat is offline

Mac Sirloin's Avatar
It gave me an error and I refreshed it once. Worked then.
Posted 05-19-2011 at 05:49 PM by Mac Sirloin Mac Sirloin is offline

BigBroSlig3097's Avatar
No load, WHY?
Posted 06-12-2011 at 11:19 AM by BigBroSlig3097 BigBroSlig3097 is offline


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