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Oddworld Dark Future (Just a game idea :D)

Posted 05-16-2016 at 10:10 AM by bakaman99
So I had an idea for an oddworld game last night so let us discuss it and see what you think of it! Think of it as Oddworld meet's the open world's of SR and GTA with element's of stealth game's like MGS and Splinter Cell mixed in!

Abe:Your usual hero who end's up whisked into the future with munch as they battle his corrupt future self who is a cyborg and future munch an even insaner AI version of munch. He also matured between MO and this game aswell not farting and dealing with thing's rather seriously...

Munch:Your typical partner to abe as they traverse future mudos as it became an urban paradise for the khanzumer's and humans! In the game he later partner's with future abe and while on hallucination gas nearly shoot's abe with a revolver mentally breaking him and making him sob the house down!

Future Abe:This version of abe actually ended up horribly injured and damaged in a helicopter crash that they had to make him a cyborg for him to survive through his severe injuries! Despite this he has a good relationship with his resistance and even has a secret friendship with the mysterious operative who is later revealed to alf who enjoy's the odd spot of tea with abe. He tries to kill munch and even transforms munch with a super serum into roid his evil side!! He's evil but respectable and not much of a back-stabber as he will happily murder traitor's in his alliance! :O

Future Munch:After munch died in the future his partner abe tried to make him alive but failed so he put his corpse in a AI copy of munch which had his brain re-animated but made him insane and try to murder future abe on many occasion's! O_O

Rea1per/Jack Irons:A 15 Year old canadian boy hacking genius who teamed up with future abe in 2077 after he was held hostage in the underworld of mudos and so liken's future abe as his father often going with him on dangerous operation's and hacking from the backline's happily monitoring for enemies.

Talia:A 23 Year old girl who is friend's with future abe and so is the resistance's medic,She got transformed into a mudokon after being put under heavy sedation for experimentation by vykker's who wanted to see if they could create a mudokon-human hybrid unfortunately they failed!

Humphrey:A Vykker who was part of the crew to make the muhuman hybrid as perfect but he failed.This humphrey is significantly different than his past incarnation since he mysteriously alway's smiling despite him hiding a traumatising event from the past.This event occurred when a rabid fuzzle bit irwin on the leg and made irwin catch rabies so humphrey had to kill him shotgun making him deeply traumatised for life. Dealing with this,he murder's talia in the bad ending and is the team's replacement medic if talia or the stupid cow as future abe call's her end's up disappearing,kidnapped or dead. He's also going insane every moment of the story goes but only resist's insanity in the good ending,in the bad route/ending he goes full insane and murder's munch for revenge and talia since she replaced him he believe's and murder's jack because he remind's him of irwin.


Abe's godfather/lanning's-
Lanning's missed his son oh so much that he turned to murdering people and taking their face's to deal with the guilt. Unfortunately he dies midway from the story due to old age.

Grandmaster Andrews:Andrews may look innocent on the outside but he's a true devil in on the inside! He's an guilty man happily supporting prostitution and kidnapping,you can spare or kill him as a significant choice near the end of the game molding abe as an psychotic cold killer or a truth-seeking anti-hero who want's answer's and the truth.

Sergeant Marcus Grounder:Marcus is the leader of ASI American secret identifier's as they battle anonymous but you can actually battle him as part of the main story and take over the squadron he lead's Squad 66 and get to either murder or spare his female partner and fiesty sniper phoenix.

Well that's it for the moment thank's for reading and have a nice day guys!! :fuzsmile::fuzwink::fuzgrin:
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First Ever Blog So excited ;)

Posted 05-14-2016 at 08:56 PM by bakaman99
So this is my first ever blog and well I'm honestly quite keen on making my blog but I have two questions:Who's dr sasuke and is he a good doctor???? Also I respond to anyone asking why I'm on mar's peace out homies!! :fuzcool::fuzgrin::fuzsmile:
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