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I rant, you listen.

Posted 04-21-2008 at 12:20 AM by Salamander
I rant, you listen. M'kay.

1) Thru is not a word. Anyone who uses it should be shot.
2) Websites asking for your age are retarded. Anyone with the slightest fragment of intelligence will know that if they're under a certain age some things will be restricted, so they'll lie.
3) Sites that ask for your 'language' are also retarded. Australia or Great Britain aren't languages, stop being such a politically correct sissy and ask for my nationality.
4) Any native English...
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Random blog 101

Posted 02-23-2008 at 06:22 PM by Salamander
If I was in a book/TV series/movie I would be an anti-hero.

Boredom suxzorz.
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Learning the guitar

Posted 12-22-2007 at 12:39 AM by Salamander
Today I offically took my first steps into learning to play the (acoustic) guitar. Once I've mastered (or at least become decent with) the acoustic guitar I intend to learn to play the bass. Then I'll be able to join a band and make music. Huzzah for future plans.
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Posted 12-10-2007 at 08:47 PM by Salamander
Try as you might, you cannot see me.

I am invisible
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Don't read this blog.

Posted 10-30-2007 at 09:38 PM by Salamander
Why are you reading this? I told you not to, you obviously have authority issues. Sort yourself out.
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Maths is awesome.

Posted 09-08-2007 at 04:28 PM by Salamander
Maths rocks, don't you think? I have a maths exam on Monday, it's going to be awesome.
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