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I wanna make comics

Posted 03-24-2017 at 11:35 AM by Phoetux
Updated 03-24-2017 at 11:43 AM by Phoetux
I was reading some comics lately, like Vento Aureo (Jojo part 5), Blankets and Johnny Wander's comics.
The JW team make good shit. I've been reading all the autobio comics and they're really good. Really reminds Bryan Lee style tho!
Also their new comic Barbarous is good too, can't wait for more of it.

Their art style and scripts really inspired me, so much that I wanted to make comics like that too.
Only bad thing is... I'm still not good at drawing full bodies and all that, but just faces.
sigh ;_; I need to exercise more! and buy a graphics tablet when i'll need it
All I'm capable to do now is making life art (plants, fruits, you know that stuff) and like said before faces. Haven't praticed so much on anatomy, guess it's time to do it.
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kjjcarpenter's Avatar
Practice, my man. That's all there is to it. Draw/read anything and everything. Assimilate your own style; bolster your own skills. If you employ a genuine effort, the sky is your only limit.

There's the old 10,000-hour rule. If you practice something for 10,000 hours, you are considered an expert at it. While that might seem like a bloody long time, when you put it into practice, it's only a couple of hours a day for a few years.

I wish you the best of luck. My expertise pertain to written literature, but if you ever want advice on style/story/character, hit my up. I'm also a qualified proofreader, copyediting and publisher, and trained to substantively edit in the visual medium as well.
Posted 03-24-2017 at 11:48 AM by kjjcarpenter kjjcarpenter is offline

Phoetux's Avatar
Thank you Kevin. I'll as well, even if it'll take a long time!
I also need to write again, I don't do that from a long time. If I need something about it I'll contact you right up
Posted 03-24-2017 at 12:02 PM by Phoetux Phoetux is offline

FennecFyre's Avatar
Everything kjj said. If you've got a library around, it'd be worth hitting it up to see if they have any books on it--I've found a few good ones on comics/visual storytelling at mine. Pick up a bunch of graphic novels while you're there, too. I keep my copy of BONE on hand whenever I need inspiration or examples to follow.

Do figure drawing. Learn how to capture movement and emotion in a quick, fluid sketch, paying more attention to body language than anatomy. It'll help with creating more dynamic characters.

The next time you watch a well-animated movie (especially if it's 2D, pay attention to how the characters move and emote, how their faces and bodies work. A lot of that translates to comics.
I've got a big folder of art tutorials saved that you're free to browse through, but here are a few picked out that might help with comicking:
http://viathatoneartist.deviantart.c...Tips-604191995 <-- This one was really useful to me when starting out.

Definitely get a good tablet if you plan to work mostly digitally. Fluid, dynamic lines are important.

Above all, don't give up! It took me years to work out the nerve to try making a comic, and I'm having a great time with it. I BELIEVE IN U
Posted 03-24-2017 at 01:11 PM by FennecFyre FennecFyre is offline

Phoetux's Avatar
I have a lot of comics in my house, but no guides or st about it. I might check next time I go in a library.
About figure drawing: I did a lot of faces with different expressions and all that, but never did that about the body. Need to do it quickly.
And those tutorials looks very good. Well dA is pretty known for these things lol. Thanks for these!
And what kind of tablet should I get? I mean do I need to pick a specific kind or something? I'm totally uneducated about this.
Still thanks!
Posted 03-24-2017 at 01:22 PM by Phoetux Phoetux is offline

Gunnr's Avatar
I feel you, in a similar sort of artistic and literary slump but like every one else said, practice and studying about it is a great way to start getting better, hope you see impovement soon.
Posted 03-24-2017 at 11:12 PM by Gunnr Gunnr is offline


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