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Don't you hate it when people post obnoxious text at the top of their blog and you have to scroll past it every time you want to read what they've posted? Man, I really hate that.
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A Dream I had Last Night

Posted 05-10-2013 at 01:11 AM by Splat
Updated 05-10-2013 at 01:22 AM by Splat
While I was having this dream, it was very cold in my room, which kept me hovering near the edge of consciousness - which is probably why i remember this so clearly.

I was in a maze with someone; I think it was my youngest sister, only she's older than me and I got the impression this person with me was a child, so maybe in the dream I was a child, too; she's only a year and a half older than me so we grew up playing together, sharing a room until she reached about 10.

The maze was inside, running through a series of large rooms with square floors. I think there was a green carpet on the floor but it was very gloomy in all the rooms so it appeared very dark. The walls of the rooms I think were just generic pale walls. The walls of the maze were wavy, set out parallel to the room; they may have been made of concrete or something similar. The walls were not so high that I couldn't have conceivably climbed over them, but I got the impression that doing so would be a very bad idea; maybe if I started breaking the rules, the thing following us would, too.

There was something else in the maze, some monster chasing us. It was something like an orc from the LotR films, and something like that creepy eye-hand monster from 'Pan's Labyrinth' and just generally the generic monster archetype. We were running away from it; I don't know exactly what it would have done, had it caught us, but eating us seems the likely action.

There were odd bits of furniture and other stuff in the rooms; I remember seeing an overturned child's chair, and later on a table with two small plates stacked on it . It felt as though I was being tempted to stop. the chair and table are both things we had as children, made of red plastic - they'd be very recognisable to me in Real Life, as part of my childhood as my sister herself. I have a peripheral feeling that there was other furniture around; pot plants, pictures of the walls, other chairs and cabinets...

Scattered on the floor in odd places were sweets (candy to you yanks); cheap chocolate bars and the little chewy strips you get in mixed bags, and probably other stuff. There were empty wrappers lying around, too. I clearly remember at one point gathering up a big handful of sweets, splitting it into two lots and letting my sister take one, before we resumed running.

On at least two occasions we arrived in new rooms and split up to search different ends of the room for a way through. Both times we returned together, neither of us having found anything, forcing us to return to the previous room to search for a way we'd missed. Eventually I'd return to the room we'd searched together and I'd look in the end my sister searched, and find a way forwards that she'd missed - a tiny gap disguised by the irregular shapes of the walls. These mistakes let the monster get extremely close to us, sometimes close enough to touch, had we so desired.

Despite her mistakes, I remained close to and protective of my companion; it gave me a feel of being the older, more mature party, despite my feeling that my partner was, as I said, my youngest (but still older) sister.

I had a definite feeling that somewhere this maze had an end, and if we could find it we'd be safe.

Then my damned alarm clock went off and I had to get up, so I'll never know if we were gonna make it.

tl;dr Hunted by monster through maze filled with stuff from my childhood, including my sister-as-a-child.
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Oddey's Avatar
I enjoy dreams where I'm not entirely asleep or awake. This happens to me especially when I'm on a bus, or trying to sleep in a car. I'll be aware of everything around me, but I'll not really register it if that makes any sense. As soon as I start to notice that however, it's very easy for that feeling to go away, and to sharply awaken. But while I am in that state, I generally think of very movie-like dreams, all of them enjoyable, because I always feel like I have much more control over the course of these. I can't actually recite what happens in them, because I only hazily remember them, but they're very interesting.

I remember once posting a blog about crazy dreams I've had. I've one to add, where I dreamed I was going to cycle all the way from Denmark to Moscow, to save money on the travel fare. About a kilometer out of my house, I came across a gutter in the roadside. This is in itself kind of interesting, because everything on the road was totally accurate and actually one that I often walk along, but there's no gutter. More strange however is that it was full to brim of harmonicas, in varying shapes, sizes and colors, all of which I could somehow tell were broken. I don't think I ever got to Moscow.
Posted 05-10-2013 at 02:12 AM by Oddey Oddey is offline

dripik's Avatar
It sounds a lot like a subconscious want for checking out that "get out of the room" game I told you about some weeks ago. I mean, the place I'm working on with my friends is practically a series of rooms filled with random furniture, one of the rooms is essentially childhood themed, and the monster could stand for the pressure of the time limit of the game.

That, or you were just thinking of looking out for your sister when in need.
Posted 05-10-2013 at 02:21 AM by dripik dripik is offline

Jbot123's Avatar
My dreams are always shitty and downright confusing. One time I fell asleep after playing Pokemon on an airplane. My dream was a ghost version of Ash Ketchum walking down the aisle. At least I can tell where my dreams come from.
Posted 05-10-2013 at 02:58 AM by Jbot123 Jbot123 is offline

Splat's Avatar
Maybe I should take a trip to Budapest
Actually that would be cool, though probably impractical at this time. Hmm...

I often remember bits and pieces of dreams I have just before waking, though of course they usually fade very quickly. Perhaps this one stood out because it seems to have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm doing/thinking in waking life at the moment.
Posted 05-10-2013 at 03:04 AM by Splat Splat is offline

Varrok's Avatar
I twice had a dream like that:
I was having a weird dream, then I woke up (not realizing it's still a part of the main dream), and so I wrote on the web about how silly this dream was, then I realized I'm actually still dreaming, so I woke up again (exactly as before, it wasn't true, but I didn't know that yet) and I couldn't believe that the parts before weren't real. Then I realised that this part might not be real as well. I felt trapped in my own mind because I really wanted to get up. So I got up. And again. Then I finally woke up in the real world, at least I GUESS IT'S THE REAL WORLD, it's as real as the ones before. But it lasts far longer than the previous ones.

TL;DR I had a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream.
Posted 05-10-2013 at 03:11 AM by Varrok Varrok is offline

STM's Avatar
Posted 05-10-2013 at 04:41 AM by STM STM is offline

Bullet Magnet's Avatar
I once had a dream where I was playing a scary videogame that my subconscious invented. I had nightmares later that same night because of it.
Posted 05-10-2013 at 05:48 AM by Bullet Magnet Bullet Magnet is offline


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