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I am blogging. Not reading NC-17 yaoi fanfiction.
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is owf kill?

Posted 02-24-2014 at 10:18 PM by Dixanadu
Wow, it sure is dead around here.
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Slog Bait's Avatar
I'm sleepy
Posted 02-24-2014 at 10:23 PM by Slog Bait Slog Bait is offline

Nate's Avatar
No. But it is krill. We need to be very careful when blue whales are about.
Posted 02-24-2014 at 10:25 PM by Nate Nate is offline

Job McYossie's Avatar
Shhh.... I can hear them now...
Nah, it's not dead. I've not seen it in it's back when it was apparently more busy, but I can say that I spend more time on these forums than I should because there is often something to read.
Posted 02-24-2014 at 10:29 PM by Job McYossie Job McYossie is offline

Phylum's Avatar
This blog is sad.
Posted 02-24-2014 at 10:51 PM by Phylum Phylum is offline

Oddworld is vague nowadays. Even the NnT is just a simple repetition (ok, revival), but the conversations are really hard here.
Posted 02-24-2014 at 11:18 PM by gishygleb gishygleb is offline

Nepsotic's Avatar
Maybe for you.
Posted 02-25-2014 at 07:25 AM by Nepsotic Nepsotic is offline

My dear, indeed.
Posted 02-25-2014 at 08:19 AM by gishygleb gishygleb is offline

MA's Avatar
the fuck you been?
Posted 02-25-2014 at 09:07 AM by MA MA is offline

STM's Avatar
Yeh, fucking Dix. When you left I was forced to grow up. :c
Posted 02-25-2014 at 11:07 AM by STM STM is offline

OANST's Avatar
I don't know, man. Hopfully, it will be ba....HoO
Posted 02-25-2014 at 11:48 AM by OANST OANST is offline

Crashpunk's Avatar
I like the quiet.
Posted 02-25-2014 at 02:55 PM by Crashpunk Crashpunk is offline

Dixanadu's Avatar
MA I noticed you repped me, even while I was gone. I got an instinct to come back, perhaps that played a part.
Posted 02-26-2014 at 03:14 AM by Dixanadu Dixanadu is offline

MA's Avatar
there was no perhaps about it. my twisted love is kinda like the call of Sauron. or cocaine.

don't run off again. you will be accompanied by a 'buddy' at all times. stay away from the exit.
Posted 02-27-2014 at 12:25 PM by MA MA is offline

Daxter King's Avatar
i kill owf
Posted 02-27-2014 at 07:36 PM by Daxter King Daxter King is offline


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