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Almost ten years, six days and three ounces

Posted 06-20-2019 at 12:43 PM by Nepsotic
I've almost been here for longer than I haven't. I bet I'd be a totally different person if my dad never pulled AO out of that box of PS1 games and had me play it.

I don't know what situation would be so nice to be a good thing to get pounded in for the first time I've seen it before and I've been watching e3 and man what a shitshow of the time cuddling you in the long run anyway lol I think you have to do it in the morning and the blind forest is a bit of a mess but I'm sure the...
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Almost three years

Posted 06-19-2019 at 01:20 PM by Phoetux
I've been almost three years in this place, and it feels like forever. The forums came back from the dead now thanks to Soulstorm footage and the E3 was amazing, or even better it was "breathtaking".
Oh, and my fiction? It's still dead. But I've become buddhist (nichiren). It's something that keeps me happy and helps me in life. Well, what I gotta say...

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Can everyone just chill out

Posted 06-18-2019 at 06:11 AM by Littleleeroy
Is it just me or has the internet become compacted with shit that no one actually cares about? A bunch of people shouting out into the darkness, whacking someone in the face every now and then.

This post is an example. No one cares what I have to say. I don't care if you read it. I just wanna have a lil rant.

Facebook is full of what I hate about people. I can't stand it.
The public forums in Parks and Recreation are exactly how the people who complain on...
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... in which I chat about Oddworld games

Posted 06-16-2019 at 11:02 PM by Nate
So I replayed NnT and just started AE again, and I've been sharing my thoughts with Xav and JayDee on Facebook chats.

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What happened on 10-18-2015 at 10:35 PM???

Posted 06-04-2019 at 07:49 PM by Abeguy
4,307 people? what caused that sort of headcount?



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