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More wonderful than we are normally inclined to think.

Yet we should nor sing at all neither rejoice unless our love is ruinless.


Am I a songbird?

Posted 10-05-2016 at 02:53 PM by Xorlidyr
Because I made a new song.

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I struggle with my human identity.

Posted 10-01-2016 at 11:06 AM by Xorlidyr
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I has a song.

Posted 08-27-2016 at 05:19 PM by Xorlidyr
Can I has a song? Solar Wind.
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I am not stopping creating music.

Posted 06-20-2016 at 12:41 PM by Xorlidyr
So I wrote a new song.

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I chanted to call the rain.

Posted 05-01-2016 at 12:55 PM by Xorlidyr
So this is my new song in Finnish, darlings.
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Now I am popular.

Posted 04-18-2016 at 08:19 AM by Xorlidyr
Now I am popular.
And hook up.
What now?

Not enjoying myself still,
But being popular is enjoyable.

Any advice?
Are my morals vile?
Should I repent my sins,
Even though I am Pagan?

My mind is no more pure.
Let me celebrate it even more.
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Create threads in Fan Corner!

Posted 04-13-2016 at 09:25 AM by Xorlidyr
Be creative and post your Oddworld drawings, songs, games, models, everything!

We have to revive the place even further.
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Ratchet Persia.

Posted 04-07-2016 at 08:21 AM by Xorlidyr
Updated 04-11-2016 at 07:30 AM by Xorlidyr
Turn up the volume to the maximum!

Yes, I am still drawing you, Vyrsotic.
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Help me become even better.

Posted 03-29-2016 at 12:40 PM by Xorlidyr
As far as my forum dynamics go, I am still irritating.

Please, help me what could be improved. I am a very flexible person.

Thank you very much in advance.
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