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What Oddworld means to me....

Posted 02-26-2012 at 05:35 PM by AstraVexx
Updated 02-26-2012 at 05:46 PM by AstraVexx
When I was about 9 years old, we used to have a sort of make-shift video game arcade in my town, where you could pay about 4.50 and try out playstation games for an hour and Abe's Oddysee was one of those games. It was the first playstation game I ever laid eyes on and it instantly terrified and excited me all at once.

During infancy, I used to own a Sinclair Spectrum, where games ran on cassettes, it took 15 minutes of mad scramblng noises to load a game and I had to use my imagination a bit more as most characters were just a few coloured lines or a dot, so to be able to control a fully animated computer character was "odd" to say the least.

Seeing Abe's head pop out and say "...Hello" made made me grin like I had the keys to a candy shop.

"The alien spoke to me, mommy!" I said to my mom, attentive to my new video experience, knowing she'll have to buy me a Playstation soon (Thanks mom )

After pressing "Begin", I knew from the sound that this wasn't going to be an up-beat or "friendly game". Rupture Farms fades in as a Security Orb glides past the logo and through the factory with all those Worker Mudokons pulling levers as the unsettling music played.

Even though I was young, I knew this game was going to be in a cold and uncaring universe.

Upon seeing Abe tied up and said he was "dead meat", it really hit my heart. This thin little green/blue alien was going to die for crossing his boss? What could he have done in one day that made him worthy of dying? Was he gonna be beat up? Or Worse? Why Do I suddenly care? It was my first instance of caring about a pixelated character.

After seeing Abe peek at the Mudokon Meeting Door and saying "This new kind of meat....It was US!", my eyes had never been so wide and full of tears.

As the game started, this where I thought "Now, this must be where I play as a cool super-alien-warrior-thingy with 50 million guns and swords that stops Rupture Farms and saves Abe, right!? ^__^ "

...And then...*BUMP*. Abe lands on the steel floor in front of me as I press Right on the controller, he goes right.

"Wait, I've gotta PLAY as him?!" I'm playing a character with no weapons, no life bar, no attacks and just runs, jumps and ducks. This felt really alien to me (no pun intended).

After dying frequently after forgetting to run, from saying "Hello" to a Slig (which genuingly terrified me at the time, hearing its mechanical legs get closer and closer still makes my heart race), or maybe jumping into a minepit, I accidently rested my fingers on two shoulder buttons at once as I went to pick up my drink.


Sadly my hour was up and I had to go home and lie in bed and think about what I just experienced.

The next morning, I told all my friends in school about Abe, Rupture Farms, Mullock The Glukkon, The Sligs, The Plan, The Meech Munchies, The Paramite Pies, The Scrab Cakes, The Chanting, etc.....No-one took notice.


About 2 months later, My mom and dad surprised me with an early birthday present:- A Playstation with 3 games.

Sadly, Abe's Oddysee was not one of those games.

Luckily, my cousin had a copy of it and let me have it for as long as I wanted, he said it was too hard and that it "didn't feel cool" to be Abe, (He'd rather be Solid Snake)

I popped the disc in my Old Grey Playstation with the Simpsons stickers all over it and it didn't leave my Disc Tray until I finished saving all 99 Mudokons.

Lots of homework went undone, oddworld sketches in my notebooks of made-up characters (Zuggs, Boggaboos and Flanzels to name a few), and school was the Rapture Farms of my life, thinking "When do I get to leave this place and save my mudokon brothers?!"

Years later, the original Xbox comes out and I see "Munch's Oddysee". Unfortunately, I had a PS2 due to natural progression and comfortably as a playstation gamer (ZOMG, SONY FANBOY, OMG FAIL!!!) and I couldn't afford both systems, but looking on the internet I see a video for "Abes Exoddus".

.....there was ANOTHER ODDWORLD GAME?!

Tracking down a copy was near enough impossible now. I eventually put it in the back of my mind and got on with my boring life of no girlfriend and my life being pissed away under fluorescent tubes.

Even MORE years later, I purchased myself a PS3. I spy that theres both Abe's Oddysee AND Abe's Exoddus in the Playstation Store.

Seeing that Exoddus menu screen brought me right back to childhood. Surprisingly nearly twice as big as the first, Oddworld was now my place of escape. I imitated the voices to near-perfection and drove my friends insane, made a college project on consumerism and product addiction, using Oddworld Product Placement posters and FMV's from the games, and I even have a recipe for "Meech Munchies"!

Now at 23, the Oddworld Universe has stayed with me all my life. I'm currently playing Strangers Wrath HD right now and I'm loving it!

The Oddworld characters, stories, the atmosphere, the life lessons, it's all really un-comparable to anything out there these days.

There's something about the atmosphere of these games that makes it so damn special and original! They still makes my chest tight, in a good way.

They taught me about consumerism, mysticism, sadism, nature, trust, but most of all, how every person, no matter how insignificant (or gassy) can make a difference in the world and touch people in a way they never knew possible.

Oddworld is my StarWars. It was my specialist topic growing up and it's a universe I want future generations to embrace.

In Odd We Trust =)
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DarkHoodness's Avatar
That was an interesting read. Stories like yours remind me of just how unique and far ahead of its time Oddysee was back in the day - I can imagine how mind blowing it must've been for you if you hadn't seen many other games at the time.

Oh and for someone who loves this game that much, you do realise this forum has been here for at least 12 years, right? (even though there was a long lull in activity from OWI from 2005 until recently...)

Also, the PC versions of Oddysee and Exoddus were re-released cheaply as budget re-play titles a number of times in the years following initial release, you should've kept an eye out in your local game stores since they were under a fiver each (How I came across my copy of Abe's Exoddus, in 2001). They didn't need fast, top of the range PCs to run them either since they both ran well on my ancient Win 95, 90MHz, 32 MB RAM rust bucket. You could've had your hands on AE back then after all.

Ah well, though. Welcome to OWF.
Posted 02-26-2012 at 07:45 PM by DarkHoodness DarkHoodness is offline
Updated 02-26-2012 at 07:49 PM by DarkHoodness

Welcome, I read the whole story with a smile slapped on my face, You will do good as a writer.

This is kind of like my story, although! I never got to play Abe's Exoddus until January 2012.
Posted 02-26-2012 at 07:59 PM by sheridanm962 sheridanm962 is offline

Mudokon_Master's Avatar
This really warmed my heart to read <3
It reminds me so much of my childhood and how much Oddworld affects me. Welcome to the forums, you'll certainly fit in just fine, I love you already.
Posted 02-26-2012 at 10:54 PM by Mudokon_Master Mudokon_Master is offline

AlexFili's Avatar
Oddworld is one of the darkest games I've ever played. Even more so than Fallout and Resident Evil in some ways.
Posted 02-27-2012 at 12:59 AM by AlexFili AlexFili is offline

Manco's Avatar
I always find it kind of funny how many people were introduced to Oddworld as a child, when AO and AE were both given age ratings that should have stopped most people from playing it.

Inattentive parents whooo
Posted 02-27-2012 at 01:43 AM by Manco Manco is offline

Wil's Avatar
Welcome to the Oddworld Forums! I enjoyed your story.
Posted 02-27-2012 at 02:01 AM by Wil Wil is offline

Scraby's Avatar
Nice story,Welcome to the Forums! Also the title of the blog made me think of a song lol XD
Posted 02-27-2012 at 04:20 AM by Scraby Scraby is offline

AstraVexx's Avatar
Thanks for the comments, guyz! Think I'm gonna feel right at home here.

Seriously? This forum has been going for 12 YEARS?! Holy Mudokon Pops! : O Must've missed the memo. Too much time spent playing guitar and writing and working and being all social and stuff. (Meh, "being social", pfff)

And as for the PC versions of Oddysee and Exoddus, I don't like the PC interface when it comes to games, I've always been a console guy. Even inputting controllers still feels a little off to me.

My local retailers don't even sell PSone games anymore. They don't even do PS2 games anymore!

Then again, I might go on eBay now and get a Physical CD copy of Exoddus, as apposed to just having the PSN version.

*one hour later*

Eee! ^__^ It's on it's way!
Posted 02-27-2012 at 05:34 AM by AstraVexx AstraVexx is offline
Updated 02-27-2012 at 05:36 AM by AstraVexx

STM's Avatar
Aww, this is so cute, can we keep him and get rid of...the other one?
Posted 02-27-2012 at 08:28 AM by STM STM is offline

OddjobAbe's Avatar
I had no idea that the word "mom" was used in Wales.
Posted 02-27-2012 at 08:39 AM by OddjobAbe OddjobAbe is offline

Crashpunk's Avatar
I love hearing about people's Oddworld stories. I was the only person I knew in my school who'd played Oddworld. I felt alone
It was only until year 10 I met someone else who grew up with Oddworld and that was awesome :P
Posted 02-27-2012 at 09:03 AM by Crashpunk Crashpunk is offline

Mr. Bungle's Avatar
I knew one person who grew up playing Oddworld as I did, but they weren't nearly as into it as I was.

I was such a cool kid.
Posted 02-27-2012 at 09:58 AM by Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle is offline

Scraby's Avatar
Same thing happened to me Crash... only without the last part
Posted 02-27-2012 at 10:52 AM by Scraby Scraby is offline

T-nex's Avatar
I don't know what delights me the most. The fact that there are still people enthusiastic enough to write about their OW-experiences like that, or that people welcome it and respect it ...
Posted 02-27-2012 at 10:59 AM by T-nex T-nex is offline

Wings of Fire's Avatar
It's because the enthusiasm he feels carries through in his writing and it's a well written sweet story.

I can't even muster up the snark to say 'This should have been a welcome thread' if only because then I'd be able to rep him for it.
Posted 02-27-2012 at 01:37 PM by Wings of Fire Wings of Fire is offline

MeechMunchie's Avatar
This heartfelt life story has warmed even my miserly heart. Oddworld, indeed.
Posted 02-27-2012 at 04:14 PM by MeechMunchie MeechMunchie is offline

I wish I could write a story like that :/
Posted 02-27-2012 at 07:45 PM by sheridanm962 sheridanm962 is offline

MA's Avatar
your story warms my non-existent heart.
Posted 02-28-2012 at 07:01 PM by MA MA is offline

Gunnr's Avatar
Wow I really enjoyed reading your blog. Great hearing others recollections of the game is reinvigorating to hear €:
Posted 07-14-2019 at 08:06 PM by Gunnr Gunnr is offline


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