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when you make a drunk blog

Posted 09-12-2015 at 02:25 PM by Nepsotic
and tou dont corrwct any of your typos so people know youre drunk

Heres a thought which do you guys orefer, being drunk or being high?
My vote is high because its more chill and shit
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Posted 07-16-2015 at 11:24 AM by Nepsotic
Updated 07-16-2015 at 11:31 AM by Nepsotic
THERE TEEN AGER cats now. there were 3 THREE CATS AND super cat that MAKES 4!

THERE WAS EVEL DOG and he had killed silly dog.
sc knew that he had killed sd.

you ass said super cat

shouted ed

of pt 2
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Posted 04-03-2015 at 07:28 AM by Nepsotic
topkek topkek topkek
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I Despise Music

Posted 03-01-2015 at 02:34 PM by Nepsotic
Here's a tip for you guys I wish I would have learnt sooner: If you have a hobby that you love, under no circumstances ever study it in any academic format, unless you wish to lose all passion and love for that hobby and turn it into excruciating pain as you realise you dun fucked up.

This mainly applies to art related subjects.
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I'm Not Gay

Posted 02-10-2015 at 04:20 AM by Nepsotic
I'm sorry, I've been meaning to tell you for so long, but my nerves just got the better of me.
I thought I was at least a bit gay. In fact, I was sure of it, but alas, it was not my destiny.

Please don't disown me.
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Breaking News: PewDiePie Video is Actually Pretty Funny

Posted 01-04-2015 at 05:49 PM by Nepsotic
Updated 01-04-2015 at 06:04 PM by Nepsotic
Don't watch past 3:20, he just ruins it after that.

I'm going to be honest, I haven't laughed at a PewDiePie video in about 2 years but that one got me.

In other news, chiptune is hot shit.
(Yes, I changed my producer alias to Sub Paradigm).
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I accidentally invited DarkHoodness to play a game of P2 with me and felt really bad

Posted 12-27-2014 at 12:49 PM by Nepsotic
because he was like "sure".

How can I make this right?
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Mods are Shit

Posted 11-28-2014 at 02:08 AM by Nepsotic
Seriously, they're fucking useless pieces of shit and I hate them. Why does everything have to be so much more complicated than it has to be, and why do you have to install 30000 pieces of software and 473826 seperate mods just to get one tiny mod to run correctly? And why, after jumping through all these fucking hoops does it fucking break your game? Why do all the solutions, YouTube tutorials and forum answers never fucking work?
I know why. Because Bethesda fucking sucks. And so does...
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The Future Starts With You

Posted 11-02-2014 at 05:14 PM by Nepsotic
Updated 01-04-2015 at 05:36 PM by Nepsotic
I was listening to the Portal 2 OST when I decided to see if I could recreate some of the synths from "The Future Starts With You". Yeah, I was bored.
Anyway I got carried away and ended up reconstructing the entire track completely from scratch.
Here's the original for reference:

And here's my remake:

I pretty much nailed the arrangement, and if you listen apart from the obvious differences in sound design (the seemingly simple synths used are...
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Posted 10-07-2014 at 02:13 PM by Nepsotic
I had been contemplating whether or not to buy an iPhone 6 as the new Sony Xperia and Galaxy Note are coming out soon.
Eventually I just decided to get it to see what all the fuss was about, as I have never used an iPhone before.
I've been using my iPhone 6 quite happily for the past few weeks with no issues, but today I was shocked when the iPhone randomly decided to kill the fish I had in my garden pond.
Annoyed, I went to the Apple store and they told me that...
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