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Guys ever just kind of thought about it?

Posted 04-20-2015 at 04:36 PM by Abeguy


As two separate words, I have no actual connotation to Oddworld.

Even when I think about what a "Soul Storm" would be, nothing Oddworldian comes to mind.

I can only imagine what the creative thinktank at OWI was going through as they were coming up with the name of this next big corporate baddie. Something edgy? something cool, yet deep? I know that if I was in that creative planning, I'd over think Soul Storm along with a myriad of different names, not knowing which one would pop.

So it's kind of weird to think that Soulstorm exists in my mind as one word, one idea: "Solsterm", or extended to be "Solstermbrewry". It has become completely different then the sum of its parts.

Probably because I was a stupid kid when it came out, and did not even care about such imagery.
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Holy Sock's Avatar
Wasn't it a working title for Abe's Oddysee?
Posted 04-21-2015 at 01:10 AM by Holy Sock Holy Sock is offline

Crashpunk's Avatar
Curiously. Urban Dictionary have a meaning for it.

Originally Posted by
soul storm
Spinning ones life or having ones life spun into a frenzied vortex so as to attain evolutionary progress.
Also related to soul sprinkle, soul drizzle, soul downpour, and soul deluge which are less dramatic, but effective.
All are most often followed by the embracing of rainbows.
In some circumstances soul alluviation or soul freshet may occur. Though at first it may seem devastating, it is generally accepted to be for an ultimate greater good.

Woah, I needed that soul storm. I feel like a changed person. I love life.
That last part really reminded me of the Mudokons getting addicted to the Brew.
Posted 04-21-2015 at 04:34 AM by Crashpunk Crashpunk is offline

Bullet Magnet's Avatar
I imagine a dark purple vortex of plasma clouds and lightning, moving in to scour your sanity from the inside of your skull.
Posted 04-21-2015 at 06:37 AM by Bullet Magnet Bullet Magnet is offline

MeechMunchie's Avatar
I know what Soulstorm is. It's a notoriously premature Dawn of War expansion.
Posted 04-21-2015 at 10:57 AM by MeechMunchie MeechMunchie is offline

OANST's Avatar
You guys are a bunch of nerds.

Posted 04-21-2015 at 11:14 AM by OANST OANST is offline

Renney77's Avatar
Aye, the only dawn of war I never got around to playing.
Posted 04-21-2015 at 12:13 PM by Renney77 Renney77 is offline

Shade667's Avatar
The soulstorm is from MK9.
Posted 04-21-2015 at 10:25 PM by Shade667 Shade667 is offline

Crashpunk's Avatar
They announced Mario Kart 9 already?

Posted 04-22-2015 at 05:46 AM by Crashpunk Crashpunk is offline

Shade667's Avatar
I dont think ive ever heard Mario Kart reffered to as MK. Mortal kombats had that for 20 years.
Posted 04-22-2015 at 07:31 PM by Shade667 Shade667 is offline

Abeguy's Avatar
Not me. As someone who has played faaaar more Mario Kart than Mortal Kombat, I, too read Mario Kart 9 for a split second.
Posted 04-22-2015 at 08:05 PM by Abeguy Abeguy is offline


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