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You have controru desu!

Queensland yearly Educational incidents report

Posted 09-23-2013 at 12:24 AM by Strike Witch
A miniature horse named "Shotty" at Yeppoon State High School had symptoms resembling the Hendra virus during a rapid decline in health on November 14.

Two students in front of a Bunsen burner received minor burns after a teacher conducting an experiment inadvertently turned the tap back on instead of off at a DDSW school on July 10.

A student had a javelin lodged in her back after helping to measure distances during a Physical Education Sports assessment at a...
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Rudd stopped the boats

Posted 07-19-2013 at 12:43 AM by Strike Witch
What's Abbot going to parrot now?!
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So that was interesting (trigger warning)

Posted 06-13-2013 at 09:12 PM by Strike Witch
So I'm watching this show. A recent episode caused a bit of controversy.

Here's the scenario.

A group of people become vampire-like creatures with superpowers, however there's a side-effect where they go into a trance-like berzerk state and attack people to bite them, with glowing eyes and cross-shape face marks and vampire teeth and stuff. The characters discover that you can knock someone out of the trance with a hard blow to their body. However, the main character's...
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What on earth

Posted 05-13-2013 at 02:25 AM by Strike Witch
So uh, you know that My Little Pony fad?

Looks like Hasbro is taking their brand in a bold new direction in an attempt to excise the creepy furries or whatever.

(actually it's to do with moving into a new market, the domain of girls' dolls like barbie and bratz- traditionally, Hasbro hasn't really been very popular in that area)...
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Anohtek nokpaq xac

Posted 05-06-2013 at 07:10 AM by Strike Witch
I fenh ho hte jtomj hoxac. Htec tax a wef htinvj I fanhex, jmeyiwiyaqqc htah keaqqc niye jqiyex hukrec. I muh ih on zkeax fiht jope refmie paco, qehhuye, anx jope ohtek jhuww, anx ih hajhej wanhajhiy! I aqjo fenh qoorinv wok jrikhj zuh youqxn'h winx anchtinv htah I makhiyuqakqc fanhex. Jtape, zuh htah'j qiwe.

Aqjo, ih'j vehhinv mkehhc yoqx um teke, jo I'ge muqqex ouh pc ziv zqanreh htinvc wkop jhokave. Jo wquwwc!

Htah'j aqq htah'j nef wok nof.

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Posted 04-01-2013 at 04:25 PM by Strike Witch

Every time I see this picture I wonder how it happened.
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Interview with a Cammy

Posted 03-24-2013 at 01:13 PM by Strike Witch
[7:12:49 AM] Hime Hime: yeah?
[7:13:02 AM] Hime Hime: you live in floridia right~
[7:13:12 AM] Ami Mami Kami: um?
[7:13:14 AM] Ami Mami Kami: huh?
[7:13:28 AM] Hime Hime: or is it~
[7:13:29 AM] Hime Hime: um~
[7:13:33 AM] Hime Hime: alberta?
[7:13:40 AM] Ami Mami Kami: what!?
[7:13:45 AM] Hime Hime: where you live!
[7:13:47 AM] Hime Hime: the state!
[7:13:48 AM] Ami Mami Kami: no!?
[7:13:54 AM] Ami Mami Kami: none of those
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concerning Joe

Posted 02-23-2013 at 05:05 AM by Strike Witch
[23/02/2013 11:58:49 PM] Hime Hime: Hello~
[23/02/2013 11:58:56 PM] Joe: Hai
[23/02/2013 11:59:03 PM] Joe: I have an update on the laptop
[23/02/2013 11:59:06 PM] Joe: um...
[23/02/2013 11:59:06 PM] Hime Hime: oh!
[23/02/2013 11:59:07 PM] Joe: Well
[23/02/2013 11:59:11 PM] Joe: uh~
[23/02/2013 11:59:11 PM] Hime Hime: well?
[23/02/2013 11:59:32 PM] Joe: Only the keyboard was broken, the circuit in it blew and stopped the computer from booting
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All jokes aside

Posted 11-29-2012 at 03:29 AM by Strike Witch
Joe is a really great friend and I'm really grateful for his friendship.

I wish he'd stop molesting me so much and molest Cammy more though.
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