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299 792 458 ms^−1 6.67384(80)10−11 mkg^−1s−2 6.626 069 57(29) 10^−34 Js 1.054 571 726(47) 10^−34 Js 4π 10^−7 NA^−2 = 1.256 637 061... 10^−6 NA^−2 8.854 187 817... 10^−12 Fm−1 376.730 313 461... Ω 8.987 551 787... 109 NmC^−2 1.602 176 565(35) 10^−19 C 9.274 009 68(20) 10^−24 JT^−1 7.748 091 7346(25) 10^−5 S 12 906.403 7217(42) Ω 4.835 978 70(11) 10^14 HzV−1 2.067 833 758(46) 10^−15 Wb 5.050 783 53(11) 10^−27 JT^−1 25 812.807 4434(84) Ω 5.291 772 1092(17) 10^−11 m 2.817 940 3267(27) 10^−15 m 9.109 382 91(40) 10^−31 kg 1.166 364(5) 10^−5 GeV^−2 7.297 352 5698(24) 10^−3 4.359 744 34(19) 10^−18 J 1.672 621 777(74) 10^−27 kg 3.636 947 5520(24) 10^−4 m s^−1 10 973 731.568 539(55) m^−1 6.652 458 734(13) 10^−29 m 0.2223(21) 1.660 538 921(73) 10^−27 kg 6.022 141 29(27) 10^23 mol^−1

Science This is where those blogs I have written that pertain to science will go. If you needed this description to tell you that, you're clearly reading the wrong person's blog.


The day I encountered the living dead.

Posted 09-16-2012 at 03:06 PM by Bullet Magnet
I was walking home from work, having mysteriously cycled in that morning without my bike, whereupon I noticed a rather large dragonfly on the side of the road. Huge, thick, green and blue. Anax imperator, the Emperor Dragonfly, largest UK species. I was quite overjoyed to see one, especially so close, though it seemed very odd that it was standing on the floor like that. Resolving to investigate, and leant down and put my finger under its front, mindful of its predatory mandibles. It crawled onto...
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I made an art.

Posted 10-12-2011 at 02:30 PM by Bullet Magnet
Love a planet?

Lava planet!
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Day Trip to London. Thoughts, hijinks.

Posted 08-26-2011 at 03:28 PM by Bullet Magnet
Updated 08-26-2011 at 03:49 PM by Bullet Magnet
All August my friend Robert and I have been planning a trip to Hastings before the summer is out. But the title says London! I hear you cry. Patience, I'll get there.

We went to London instead. Originally we had hoped to go to the beach with a group of friends, inspired by a prior conversation about a past birthday party of mine. When everyone turned out to be working on the days we were free, the list was whittled down to two. So we settled on Hastings and planned, to among other...
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Bill Nye on Foxtrot November

Posted 08-23-2011 at 10:43 AM by Bullet Magnet
Bill Nye is invited onto Fox News to discuss the recently discovered evidence of prehistoric volcanic activity on the moon, when anchor Jon Scott bafflingly asks whether this casts doubt on anthropocentric climate change. Just look at Bill's face. You can see the moment his brain shifts gear back to grade-school teacher mode.

With Bill O'Reilly's...
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This is adorable.

Posted 06-17-2011 at 07:05 AM by Bullet Magnet
This blog, Life before the Dinosaurs, is about... well.

Anyway, it's by a seven-year old kid who dictates it to his mum. And it's brilliant.
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There are still heroes in politics.

Posted 03-12-2011 at 09:50 AM by Bullet Magnet
We all know that the American Rethuglican party has long since abandoned conservatism in favour of outright insanity. Their latest lunatic proposal, an exercise in explicit science denial sponsored by the famously Magog Cartel-esque Koch Industries, The Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011, bears witness to this neurological decline.

Originally Posted by The Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011
To amend the Clean Air Act to prohibit the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from promulgating any regulation concerning, taking action
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Valentine's Mollusca

Posted 02-14-2011 at 06:14 AM by Bullet Magnet
We humans are such pretenders.

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In Britain, we make documentaries about statistics

Posted 11-30-2010 at 09:38 AM by Bullet Magnet
And we don't need explosions or sex appeal to get an audience, either. Colourful graphics, maybe.

Continue reading...
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Happy Carl Sagan Day

Posted 11-09-2010 at 08:17 AM by Bullet Magnet
Posted in Science
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