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Meat Phoenix

Posted 04-25-2013 at 12:09 PM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 04-25-2013 at 12:11 PM by Mac Sirloin
I've spent the last six months desperately trying to reconfigure my personality into that of a kinder, friendlier person who means well for everyone. Trying to be nice, basically. I believe this was a defensive measure after having an insanely stressful time living with my sister over the Summer. I'm sure to some it might seem like a chivalrous sensible decision but after the shitshow that was leaving my apartment a few weeks ago I've come to a conclusion some people might find juvenile and others...
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Blurring the lines

Posted 04-11-2013 at 03:36 PM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 11-04-2014 at 04:37 PM by Mac Sirloin
arrrr posterity
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I'm at a loss for executive deluxe turbo suite

Posted 04-02-2013 at 06:42 PM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 04-02-2013 at 06:45 PM by Mac Sirloin

So I've spent the last month living on my own, in my friend's empty apartment. It's been pretty great, but here's where it gets complicated. (see that, that's what they call a hook) Roommate A and I have been on pretty mutually uneasy friendly terms for going on five years, but we're finally getting along and seem have an understand of where the other is coming...
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Posted 03-01-2013 at 04:23 PM by Mac Sirloin
And god damn am I feeling those years. I don't feel old or really that much older, mind you. I was ten years old when this game came out and for some reason it really struck a chord with me. I won't put it up onb any PARTICULAR pedestal, it's just got a special place in my heart. As a matter of fact, most of those Final Fantasy games do. More on that later.

So I moved out of home into my friends apartment. I'd give you pictures, but it's literally my FRIEND'S apartment and his shit...
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Discipline Purged

Posted 02-19-2013 at 08:18 AM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 02-19-2013 at 08:21 AM by Mac Sirloin
There's a Catholic tradition known as Lent. To those unfamiliar, it is a 40 day and night period of fasting that pays tribute the period when Jesus used his powers to fuck desert creatures and do drugs without anyone looking. So usually it's foisted upon children in the following way:
First, we give you a heap of pancakes. Then we tell you "Okay, Billy. You need to stop doing something now." For most kids this ended up being ice cream or candy corn or cutting down on the TV watching. For...
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Attention Fuckheads and Nerds

Posted 01-30-2013 at 11:39 AM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 01-30-2013 at 11:44 AM by Mac Sirloin

Stop playing fucking video games. What are you, nineteen? Twenty five? Enough already. Get an education, focus on friends. Read more. When you have a skill that makes you set for life, or a bunch of lottery money or a trust fund then you can pick that controller back up.

But why? You ask

Because it's childish and obscene and a complete waste...
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I had a really stupid epiphany.

Posted 01-07-2013 at 03:48 PM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 01-07-2013 at 03:58 PM by Mac Sirloin
E: sorry for kicking your blog off the page Sekto I didn't check before posting this.

I went out and stomped the sidewalk looking for work today, and I think I found it. I'm not sure when the last time I actually set out to apply to every last place I wanted to work, in person, was but it feels like years. Maybe while I was still in high school. It's a very good feeling to hear that "You'll be hearing back from us.", even moreso when it's more of an enthusiastic "I'm gonna give you...
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Don't do this. (A love story)

Posted 01-04-2013 at 12:45 PM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 01-04-2013 at 12:58 PM by Mac Sirloin
I was in London for new years again. I really enjoy that place on that day but most of the rest of the time it's fairly boring. Anygay, I got home fairly late in the day and farted around on the computer for awhile watching Dragon Ball Z videos and pondering the fact that 'Manger' is Norwegian for Hotel. Imagine if Jesus had been born at the ritz-carlton. What a fucking brat he would've been.

So I hung around in my lair in the attic doing this and hitting my groin with a hammer until...
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Rilan The Conquerator

Posted 12-23-2012 at 07:30 PM by Mac Sirloin
Updated 12-23-2012 at 09:00 PM by Mac Sirloin
150 years of conquest had made Rilan think he'd truly seen the full extent of opposition any fragment of the continent could throw at him. He'd made the first incline in the unnaturally lumpy kingdom of Hilly, had cut the first crystals that made the lenses that blew the Freespeaker's Freezepeak Keep apart and shut them up for once. He'd burnt the Brown Marsh black and erected the Dark Step to mark his being the sole army that stood against the swamp's improbable dangers and horrendous plant life....
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The bores of perception.

Posted 12-22-2012 at 08:57 PM by Mac Sirloin
I can be nice for a week, but revert to obnoxious self aggrandizing diatribe in a snap. What does that teach people? I'm hard to trust, I'm harder to deal with, and I'm probably better off avoided. I've been aware of this much, much longer than I'm comfortable admitting but I'm starting to notice the difference that not being king of the kocks makes. My friends (the ones I see outside of Computer Land) are more accepting of my reaction when something bothers me. They see the subtle distinction between...
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