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Winbuntu Operating heaven system

Posted 05-10-2012 at 02:23 AM by sheridanm962
Just thought I'd install Ubuntu on top of windows and now I can say that it's going to get better...

Let me explain.

Minecraft's performance in linux is far more better than in windows, Steam is coming to linux soon (as announced in April this year) and there are allot of new things that I have missed.

I know and love allot of programs that I already use, so that's a big win and WOO00OOOOooT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11one!! for me.

So if you think the performance of OpenGL is going to be shit in terms of what it's like in OSx, you're dead wrong. In fact they are sorting out issues regarding performance within loading shaders and... stuff.

I never even did much in the ways of "Windows" anyway, Linux has proven to overcome it because there is no barrier for me in terms of my favorite software.

Oh and expect Gabe Newell to run around in a penguin suit because he doesn't like Windows 8 personally and favors Linux over Windows... And Microhard-shit-thingy... You get the idea.

He said he loved Linux before he became a Micro$oft employee and that he always wanted to port Steam and it's games to Linux. He also plans to take it "further", Whatever the hell that means.

Also Left4Head 2 is going to be the first game to port since they're already testing it hence why I said testing performance with shaders.

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