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Alcar 08-04-2002 09:06 AM

How to ask for help properly
Even before I became a Moderator here I saw that people that are generally new members post threads asking for help, which is perfectly fine.

But what isn't good is that you don't ask properly, you leave out vital parts like what level or where exactly in a level you are or what you need help with, and most often you'll get a response saying "How are we meant to know what to help you with?" which wastes both yours and our time.

This thread is here simply to give you a run down on how to properly post for help in this forum, as the threads name implies.

Firstly have the name of the level/region that you are having trouble in.

Secondly place the name, or give a description of what section or area you are in of that level/region you are in. This helps narrow down where exactly you are, and helps us out more.

Lastly have all the extra information on what your having trouble with. This part should be well explained.

Basically that's it, and I know that people might not take attention to this at all, which is fine but it hurts you more than us. This topic will be closed simply for the fact that it doesn't need to have to be replied to, just read it all.


Mojo 10-09-2003 07:59 PM

Altough he isn't the mod of OWH anymore, you still should follow these instructions. It is just the easiest way for every-1 else to see what problem you have. If you follow these instructions, you will be helped.


Well, whadda ya lookin'at?! Get back to solving problems and playing the OW games!!!

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