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Wircea 03-31-2017 12:24 PM

Original slig voice mod
Played through Munch's Oddysee and honestly I didn't really like the new whacky slig voice lines.

If you're like me and prefer the old thrilling sounds from oddysee and exoddus, here's a mod for ya'.

Have a download link.

Sorry for not showcasing all of the sounds. Many of them are copies of each other anyway. For instance, all insults are BLEH and the reactions are either BSs or WHATs.

Random notes:

I didn't touch the death sounds because in the originals there are none and having sligs fall flat out without a sound felt weird.

I did modify their annoying zapped sound with the depossession from oddysee/exoddus.

The long fall scream also has some music in the background because i couldn't remake the sound myself. Edited it a lot though to make it less obvious. Really could not rip this one off, at least it's rarely heard.

Wanted to do the big bro slig too, but having the normal sounds low pitched makes them hard to hear during their crazy fire and making them louder makes them weird during silent scenes and turn pretty quickly into massive ear rape.

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