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Alcar 02-13-2007 04:02 AM

Titles, Ranks & Reputation
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This is a revised version of the titles and ranks information thread, and has come about due to the many questions we receive concerning them.



Titles are the blocks of text that appear under your username. They are awarded based on how many posts you have accrued. To keep the titles and rank system interesting the full list of titles attainable will remain a mystery until a future date.


Ranks are the tiny Oddworld Inhabitants symbols underneath your title. They are similar to titles in the regard that they also increase according to your post count. As ranks are fairly arbitrary, we can disclose them.

http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gif - 20 posts
http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gif - 75 posts
http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gif - 250 posts
http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gif - 500 posts
http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gif - 1,000 posts
http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gif - 2,500 posts

Owners, Administrators, and Special Members by default will always have six stars regardless. Everyone else's stars will increase according to post count. You may also notice that there are different colours for ranks. These are as follows:

http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...star-admin.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...star-admin.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...star-admin.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...star-admin.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...star-admin.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...star-admin.gif - Owners and Administrators
http://www.oddworldforums.net/images/ranks/star-mod.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images/ranks/star-mod.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images/ranks/star-mod.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images/ranks/star-mod.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images/ranks/star-mod.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images/ranks/star-mod.gif - Super Moderators, Moderators and Special Members (i.e. Oddworld Inhabitants Staff)
http://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gifhttp://www.oddworldforums.net/images...tar-member.gif - Members

Custom Titles

Some members are awarded custom titles. A custom title may be awarded to a member if they are a good member of the OWF. This may mean that they contribute in a positive manner to the forums, show consideration or kindness towards other members, or any other reasons in which we find fit to award such to a member. In most cases a member would need to be at the OWF for some time before being awarded a custom title.

It is important to note that if a member requests for a custom title, it is usually not granted. Custom titles are something we feel a member deserves, not something you necessarily think you deserve.

Staff Titles

All Oddworld Forums staff members can be identified with the additional custom title (referred to as a staff title) above their custom title and rank. These are colour-coded in a manner similar to ranks, with differing colours representing different staff positions. The accompanying text is the most accurate manner of describing the staff members position. The only exception to the rule is the addition of Special Members (i.e. Oddworld Inhabitants Staff). They are as follows:

Oddworld Forums Owner - Owner
Oddworld Administrator - Administrator
Zulag Four Super Moderator - Super Moderator
Arbitrary Forum Moderator - Moderator
Oddworld Inhabitant - Special Member


Reputation is a system based on member input, and is designed to showcase a members positive or negative contribution to the forums. The greater your reputation, the more reputation "dots" (the small coloured squares) are displayed in member stats box and profile. Furthermore, by hovering over these reputation dots you will notice that a tool-tip containing an Oddworld-themed catch-phrase is displayed. These catch-phrases (or reputation levels) are similar to titles - the more reputation you receive, the better the level you attain. These levels will also remain a mystery until such a time comes along that we release them.


Titles, ranks and reputation are just a fun feature of the Oddworld Forums. One's title, rank or reputation does not make any member better than another. At the Oddworld Forums everyone is equal, including the OWF staff. A member should never try to spam just to get a higher post count, as it's not the number of posts you have that is relevant - it's all about being part of the OWF community and making it a great place for all.


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