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dripik 01-18-2010 09:06 AM

Work at Rupture Farms (v.10)
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Joy of joys, time to start a new thread. I've been busy with my exams lately, hence there was no new thread. Now there is, but don't you all start flooding it with posts! No matter how much stress we put on the 2-Post-Per-Day Rule, some keyboard monkeys tend go on a rampage and ignore it.


What is W@RF?

W@RF stands for the RPG Work at Rupture Farms. The 1st version was started on the 10th October 2002, and it has been going since.

What about the background and the story?

The old Rupture Farms was reopened by a Glukkon named Arnie, and employed everyone who wanted to work in the factory. Gaining profit was always the main goal, but life is not just about working... well, at least when you're sleeping in R+R. Arnie has decided to treat his mudokons nicely, hoping this wil keep the terrorists away.

For further info, see the previous threads (no, really - there ARE people among us who read them more than once).

How can I join?

Write a profile in the following form:

Name: (Do I need to explain?)
Race: (Mudokon, Slig, Vykker or any known race of Oddworld)
Gender: (male or female)
Age: (Earth or Oddworld years, you decide)
Appearance: (How does your character look like?)
Personality: (What's your character's usual behaviour? etc.)
Equipment: (What does your character usually carry?)
History: (Your character's background)

When you're ready, post the profile in the W@RF Profile Thread. Those who are new to RPing should start with one character, until they get the hang of role playing.
It is important that you make a reasonable entry with your character. It can't just pop out of nowhere. The most usual entry is done by FeeCo Trains (there's a station in the factory).

What do I need to do after I join?

Well, it's basically up to you, but it's important to interact with other characters as much as possible. As a start, I would recommend newcomer characters to look for the boss, Arnie, or his assistant, Otto to introduce themselves. They will give them the basic directions.
Oh, and reading a bit of the backstory can help a lot too. Really.
And, remember the 2-Post-Per-Day Rule, according to which you only post twice a day. No more, can be less.

RPG Rules. You have been living in darkness up till now. It's time to change that by reading this!
WARF Profile Thread V.2 - Post your characters profiles here - also a good place to check if you want to know who you just encountered while roleplaying
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
RPG Cc Fan Art v.2 - Some old W@RF-related artwork
The W@RF map (newest version)


So, can I ask for a quick update on those characters which are still present?

Arnie is currently locked up in his office, waiting for a mysterious package. Otto, #7 Slig and RG are around the Security Office, if memory serves me right, and they were discussing security measures. Rick is locked up in the Lab Storage in a cage and is not happy at all.

MeechMunchie 01-18-2010 09:08 AM

Crunchy is still wandering corridors, and is liable to get himself into trouble soon enough. I may enter a new Mud character if I get bored, but I quite like taking it easy.

Gretin 01-18-2010 10:24 AM

It lives!!!

As far as I recall, my character Ralph was with Jim, about to go searching for Anni to see if she'd got herself into trouble (which of course, she had :p). Unfortunately, I think they were going to head for the boss's office, and with all the sligs gathered around there Jim might not fare too well!

As for Hembar, she was with Anni and SU-01, taking Mars into the basement. But she hasn't forgotten about Crunchy the meech she somehow seemed to adopt, so she's planning on searching for him at the earliest opportunity.

MarsMudoken 01-18-2010 11:21 AM


However I'm asleep. I'll wait for everyone else. Someone will wake me up I'm sure.

Uros Osium Tokker 01-18-2010 12:10 PM

Oh nice... I will first take a look at the WHOLE archive before saying if I join or not (But probably I will, I simply like a lot to read and such... am a writer after all ^^).

MarsMudoken 01-18-2010 12:40 PM

OOC: You say OOC if you're going to say stuff like that. Just pointing it out...

slig# 5719 01-18-2010 01:13 PM

Here I am :D

Flad is standing around outside Arnie's office waiting for a job

Slen is wandering around the second floor with no idea where he is going, his arms have been chained together so he can't use anything on his own yet.

Splat 01-18-2010 03:02 PM

Welcome, Uros! Hope you enjoy the game. Though you do not need to read all the previous threads (we wouldn't have many players if you did). Part of W@RF 9 should be enough, then you can read the rest if you really want to. But pay attention to the advice given to others.

Anni is in't basement with Hembar and Mars (gotta PM you about something, Gretin).
Dionysia is in the security office, bored and contemplating running off.
Jim is on his way upstairs with Ralph.
Grace is with various other sligs outside the boss's office trying to find out if he's ok in there.
And Krik is far from the factory, visiting a friend called...

Name: Victor Emlech
Race: Vykker
Gender: Hermaphrodite. (Acts male)
Age: 103
Appearance: Wrinkly, ugly... Emlech is well dressed as vykkers go, but he wouldn't really stand out in a crowd - his clothes are subtly expensive; you wouldn't notice without close scrutiny.
Personality: Emlech is a control freak; he likes everything to go his way. However, he doesn't like being the centre of attention and is very happy to manipulate other people from the back row (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain). He has little respect for rules, though he wouldn't be seen breaking them. He has little interest in money and none in fame, but is obsessed with control.
Equipment: A small doctor's bag full of medical necessities.
History: Dr Emlech was a key figure in earlier days of the vykker's conglomerate, though he never drew much attention to his involvement therein. He trained as a doctor of medicine but is also a keen business man. He owns a rather large chain of facilities, some of them paying less tax than they ought - but if you don't tell I won't - and has amassed a large amount of moolah that he doesn't really do much with; no one but his is really aware of how rich he is.
Emlech created Anni using research he bought off of Dr Krik. Unbeknownst to her, she is fertile, and will hopefully soon begin laying mudokon eggs to provide slaves for his more secret establishments. After a certain unfortunate incident left her terrified of vykkers, he lent her to Rupture Farms boss, Arnie, to get over her fears, but nearly two years have since past and having heard that the factory has recently had some trouble with the Magog Cartel, he is interested in taking her back.

Guys, I suggest that now we're back, we calm down the native rampage thing before things get repetitive. If Mars sticks on an apron to hide his tattoos, he could probably pose as a mudokon worker for a while without the sligs getting too suspicious.

Also, I'm going on holiday to foreign lands at the end of this week for two weeks, and internet access will be restricted for me during that time. So, ya know, forgive me if I disappear after Friday. I will try and get online here to keep up to date.

Guekko 01-18-2010 04:09 PM

My stuttery glukkon, Guekko, is as I recall near to the executive office, standing next to the slig Krivzee. Doing not much more than standing, as Krivzee was knocking on the door I believe.

Havoc 01-18-2010 06:53 PM

Name: Nick

Race: Slig

Gender: Male

Age: 25 (Earth years)

Appearance: Just your average slig, though he made some modifications to his mechanical pants and vizor. He tries to keep his pants in good condition by often polishing them and keeping them shiny and dent-free. He also put in a small heater and upgraded the running speed a bit. He wears the 'new' vizors (the ones from AE) and keeps them in the same shiny order as his pants.

Personality: Kept to himself, putting his job before anything else, loyal and friendly to sligs, a little less so to muds.

Equipment: He usually has keys with him which can be used to open just about any door in RF. He's hardly ever seen carrying a gun, unless the situation demands it.

History: Nick used to work in Rupture Farms long before the Abe incident. Lucky to have survived the terrorist attack, Nick was transferred to Vykers Labs and the FeeCo Depot. When Rupture Farms was reopened, Nick came back to continue his old job. He quickly worked his way up the (few) ranks to become the factories head mechanic and one of the security officers and fixed quite a few problems in his time there. The grinder incident probably being the biggest.
After a while Nick was recalled by the Cartel to help protect installations that were deemed a higher priority than Rupture Farms. In the time he's been gone, Nick has been stationed at various factories and later military installations. After beating a big slave riot in one of the installations, Nick was promoted by the cartel and allowed to reassign himself a permanent installation with a decent salary. Nick decided he had seen enough violence and beat downs, but since retirement wasn't an option, he headed for the next best thing; back to Rupture Farms.

Did ya all miss me? :D


After the train had screeched to a halt in the factory's station, Nick got off and looked around.

'Sure hasn't changed much around here...'

He wandered off to the grinding area, walking over the catwalk glad to see the grinders were still in working order. As he got a peek down a corridor he saw a Glukkon and a Slig standing outside the executive office. They didn't seem familiar to him and he figured many new employees must have come and gone in the time he was gone.

Nick slipped by them, not paying much attention to them and hoped they didn't really notice him. Then he noticed someone he did know.

'Hey Seven!' he said as he approached #7 and the robot standing beside him.

dripik 01-19-2010 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by MarsMudoken (Post 427470)
You say OOC if you're going to say stuff like that. Just pointing it out...

This applies to you too, not just others. Good to know how much you understood of the PM I sent you. And you also managed to forget about updating us about the current location of your character.

I didn't expect IC when I saw that you posted here, Havoc. Welcome back! (There's something for Splat to write about in his fanfic, with Nick returning and all...)

Everyone not mentioned before, thanks for the updates and enjoy RPing.


"How could we not notice the float mines missing?... And the security orbs..." mumbled #7 Slig to himself when he heard someone calling him by his name. He turned around to see a Slig who was awfully familiar to him.

"Uh... Nick!" he finally recognised the Slig who worked as a mechanic at Rupture Farms some time ago. "How's things? What have you been up to all this time?" he asked Nick. Otto and RG turned around as well, listening to the conversation between the two Sligs.


Rick got bored with clanking on the cage bars with the tin cup. "Bored, bored... This resort is not exactly like what they promised in the leaflet!" he called out at noone in general.

arkaznor 01-19-2010 02:50 AM

Yay! It's back!


Originally Posted by Splat (Post 427494)
Guys, I suggest that now we're back, we calm down the native rampage thing before things get repetitive.

(sarcastic with a smile) - Well damn, cause I was just planning on Ark convincing Hembar and Mars to go on a terrorist rampage with him :D.

But seriously, I have no idea what to do with Ark, in terms of playing down his 'nativeness'.

Ark is currently wondering (lost) the lower levels after he rushed off to 'try' (and fail) to help Hembar.

Now that I'm back (again), I was wondering if I could update Ark's profile to fit how I roleplay him, rather than how I thought I was going to roleplay him? Also, does anyone know if Ark's 'gun' is still in the cafeteria?

And yes, we did miss you, Havac (or at least I did, I wasn't even around).

Havoc 01-19-2010 03:20 AM

OOC: Thank you Dripik, you can thank Splat for my coming back though. Reading his story really made me want to come back to this :p.

Anyway, what's the 2 posts per day limit about?

Splat 01-19-2010 03:56 AM

ooc: WAAAH! It's great to see you back, Havoc! And Ark :p Ark, my characters' profiles have often changed between parts so just stick his new one in the profile thread (and here).
Basically Havoc, you can post up to twice a day but not more, so people don't get flooded out and to prevent floods of one-liners.

Anni was leading Hembar and the snoozer carrying Mars into the depths of Rupture Farms. She moved easily along a crooked metal platform, dodged a couple of rusty meatsaws and an empty sloghut and came to a stop outside of a closed door. The place had a faint smell of paramites. "Alright, we'll be safe here," She said, turning around to face the others. She looked up at Mars, who was sleeping in the snoozer's 'arms'. "Maybe you should wake him up."


Dionysia was standing just inside the security office, bored, watching #7 bustle about and talk to the robot. The only thing she could say was that this was better than what Arnie had her doing earlier. Then some unfamiliar slig burst in and ran over to #7. "Who's this?" She asked to the room in general, mildly annoyed at being completely ignored.

ooc: I'll wait for Gretin before posting as Jim. And see who else is at the boss's office before posting as Grace.
And will post with Emlech and Krik when i have more time. I have way too many characters!!!

Jimmy-le-sniper 01-19-2010 08:21 AM


Waking up systems...Done !

Well, it's good to RP again :D

And now, its time for my two favorites letters :


SU-01 followed Anni through the factory, hovering above the partially destructed floor. They eventually reached a place considered as "safe". When Anni suggested him to wake up his "passenger", SU-01 replied, looking down to him :

"Got it..."

He lowered his arms and gently dropped Mars on the floor.

"Wake up...We have arrived." He waited a few seconds and added "Now hold still so I can take a look at your leg."

He pointed one if his guns at Mars' wounded leg. The barrel retracted itself and another one took its place. It was a much smaller one. It was supposed to be a healing device although it looked more like a clean and white torture device, thanks to the Vykkers poor design skills.

"Healing device ready" said a voice from inside the module.

TheOddOne 01-19-2010 01:09 PM


hey new in the forum. :)
I wan't to ask about when the RPG starts and what I could start out with. (character is made) .
Note!:) I have read a few things but never really been in a forum like this so got pretty confused:)

~Oprilthevykker~ 01-19-2010 01:27 PM

Sorry I won't be joining this, or any future role plays..

MarsMudoken 01-19-2010 02:34 PM

I'm back, baby!
OOC: So Opril the Vykker died of a heart attack. Poor chap. Just like the blue bloke before him. NOW!...


Mars was peacefully dreaming upon the Snoozer's cold metal arms when he was rudely interrupted and lowered to the floor. When his body hit the ground his eyes shot open as he scrambled around a bit, yelling "Gah!". He took in his surroundings and it came back to him. The Glukkon freaking out, the Slig tring to kill him, the hiding, Anni, the fight with the Sligs, and his jailbreak/DDR. Right, Anni and that Mudokon. Them and the Snoozer...he stared above him at the metal beast. It had a gun pointed at him, but it retracted and emerged as an even more menacing device. Mars was shocked when he heard the gizmo say "Healing device ready".

He HAD to be kidding...

Gretin 01-19-2010 02:58 PM

OOC: Whoo, another veteran returns! Heh, Nick may have picked a bad time to return if he's seeking close to retirement :p

@TheOddOne - Once you've made a character (which I see you've done), you just need to post it in this thread as well, then write yourself an entry to the story. I would suggest having your character arrive from the same train Nick just came on. This RPG is kind of like a story being told by a circle of people who take turns telling part of the story, so you just need to enter the story and find a logical way for your character to start interacting with others, then you can see where the RP takes you :D


Ralph and Jim were making their way up to the executive office.
As they neared their destination, he could hear the sounds of a lot of sligs up ahead. Remembering Jim's fear of sligs, Ralph turned to the other mudokon and said, "You're not gonna like this."

(I seem to remember Ralph guessing from past experience that Jim was afraid of sligs in a previous encounter with him :p He doesn't know just how scared of them he is though)


Hembar had followed behind SU-01 as Anni led the way in front, till they reached the point Anni determined was safe.
After that, the snoozer put Mars down and activated some kind of horrible looking healing device.

"Is that such a good idea?" she asked it, "I mean, we appreciate your help, but if your system is about to restart shouldn't you be going as soon as possible so we aren't endangered? We should be able to treat his wound well enough ourselves. But thank you for your help."

After the snoozer left she was going to suggest to the other two mudokons that they move again, because if the snoozer's robotic mode decided to come back and kill them it'd know exactly where to find them.

Splat 01-19-2010 03:01 PM

ooc: Btw Havoc, there have been a few more chapters since you last posted a reply ;) Dunno if you'd noticed.

"Hi, welcome to McGlukkies!" Said an over-enthusiastic mudokon burger flipper as Emlech walked through the door of the 'restaurant', looking around disdainfully.
"I'm looking for a friend, a vykker called-"
"Yeah, he told us he was expecting someone!" The mudokon said brightly, "We don't get many vykkers in here; it's pretty weird! Yeah, if you go upstairs he's in the booth in the far corner. Do you want fries with that?"
Emlech stared at the mudokon, who seemed unaware that he had said anything wrong.
"Maybe an Oppel pie?"
With a distainful shake of the head, he started climbing the stairs.
He found the other vykker in the aforementioned corner and joined him, "Good of you to pick somewhere with some class. I wouldn't like to be seen dead in this scam-hole!"
"Exactly," Muttered Krik, "The people watching me won't expect me to come in here, let alone to meet anyone here."
"You really are in some trouble, aren't you?" Emlech asked witheringly. "That's what I always remembered you for, putting yourself in the firing line, going around looking for trouble-"
"Alright, alright. We all have out own ways of doing things."
Emlech sniffed, "I'm not here to chat."
Krik nodded and pulled a thin card file out of the doctor's bag under the table. "Here."
Emlech took it, flicked it open and started reading. His eyes failed to betray the fact that the medical file he was holding compromised both his security and his safety. "How did you find it?"
"That vykker at Rupture Farms knows all the old tricks. He's as predictable as a Rumor Kontrol report."
Emlech nodded absently.
"Look," Krik went on, "I'm not stupid, and I know how much danger this puts you in. I'm not going to blackmail you; this was my work and I'm eager to see how it turns out."
"Perhaps it is about time I paid Director Arnie a visit."
Emlech made to stand. Krik threw out a hand to stop him. "I want a favour."
Emlech gave him a steely look. "Blackmail?"
Krik snorted, "Hardly. You can call it repayment. I told you about this, didn't steal the mud for myself or try and use it against you. I want something in return."
Emlech nodded, reluctantly.
Krik smiled, "The Cartel have me by the throat because of an experiment I and some others were performing for a contractor. The result of that work is a mudokon in Rupture Farms and as long as she's alive, they can call me to their every whim. Whenever I go to Rupture Farms they know, so if I was to take care of her..." He waved a claw in front of his neck.
"You want me to kill it for you?" Emlech asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Not quite. I want you to take me with you to Rupture Farms, as your assistant or something. Then I can deal with the mudokon and leave with you and no one will ever know I was there."
Emlech nodded, "Sounds fair. Give me some time to think up my own plans for my visit and I'll give you a call." He picked up Anni's medical file and strode back down the stairs.


Jim also head the voices and nodded, "Uh yeah, slig's don't really agree with my system," He said nervously. "Not much I can do about it. Um, maybe we should look somewhere else? She might be in the cafeteria or something."

ooc: I'm gonna wait some more before posting as Anni, cus I don't really see a way of involving her in the conversation.

Havoc 01-19-2010 03:33 PM

OOC: I know, I will get to them all at some point. Just reading vital info right now :p.


'You know how it goes,' Nick replied to #7. 'Reassignment after reassignment. I've been all over Mudos.'

It suddenly started to become busy in the hallway, a few muds came over and there was a mud inside that Nick hadn't noticed before. As he waited for #7 to answer her question, he got a good look at her. Black skin... was that real? He had heard stories about a project... but never thought it was true, let alone successful.

Guekko 01-19-2010 04:05 PM

OOC: Mars, does Krivzee still exist in this? Guekko can do nothing unless I know

Jimmy-le-sniper 01-19-2010 04:25 PM


As he was about to start the healing procedure, SU-01 got interrupted by Hembar. Keeping his eyes on Mars' leg, he said :

"There is nothing to worry about. Although this looks like everything but a healing device, I can assure you it's a quick, efficient and painless one. As for my rebooting issue, we still have around 10 minutes before it happens and I estimate the healing procedure to be shorter than 3 minutes. So I better get started now. And for your safety, I'll be out of here long before anything bad happens."

As he finished his sentence, two arms popped out of the device, holding Mars' leg tightly.

"Healing procedure engaged...Power transfert from Main Accumulators to Target Engaged... Estimated Time Remaining : 2m50s."

As the wound was starting to slowly disappear, he said.

"By the way...Anni ?...I'll need to tell you something in private. It's not of the utmost importance, but it's still important to me. I may not have the time to do it right now but if you see me someday in the factory and I don't look too...Well, you know..."Roboti-diotic", then remind me about it."

TheOddOne 01-20-2010 03:37 AM

Name: ZineDD
Race: Mudokon
Gender: Male
Age: 20 Human years
Look: Dark-Green with few pale like black patterns(stripes). Wears bandage on hands+arms and on the feet. Has a few feathers too, and dark-brown lion cloth.
Personallity:Not a very social fellow, usually walks by himself and never get into trouble if he know that he can avoid it(which means, he would probably betray his fellow mudokons instet "taking one for the team")
Bio: ZineDD hasn't always been that "loner". From the day he was born, he always wanted to help his friends and even strangers. But just about 3 Years before he turned 20, when he was 17, suddently friends and known to him, started to use his "good person" for their own purpose, and in the end, he ended up working at rupture farms...
Equipment: Has a small, hidden, homemade blade under his bandage, in case things gets too nasty.
Status: Scrub

IC: ZineDD walks out of the feeco trian that just arrived at (to?) Rupture Farms. The first few minutes after the arrival, he just walks around, not knowing were to go. Then he finally decides to ask someone for direction....
While looking around for someone to ask, he thinks. (What the hell have I got myself into?? Is this a smart idea?? Hmm, I guess there is only one way to find out...besides, after what my "friends" got me into, I don't really have a choice...)

OOC: Looking forward to RPG more :) this is my first RPGing so if I do anything wrong, or I seem kinda noob... then you know why.. oh and feel free to correct me if anything that I wright seem weird, wrong or... you know :).
Plus here in the beginning my English might be a little rusty but I hope you guys get what I wright :)

arkaznor 01-20-2010 05:22 AM

OOC: Right, thanks Splat. And you can call me Kaz, to avoid confusion, since Ark is my character.

Here's Ark's revived profile, it's still not exactly how I play Ark, but it's a lot better. Mostly I changed some minor parts of his background that fit with my version of his story, rather that of my brother's.

Name: Ark(izane) VLP #3129, employee #935 sold to Magog Cartel Company(M.C.C) 146 [Labor Force Ranch (LFR)](though is currently employed at M.C.C. 1029 [Rupture Farms])

Race: Mudokon

Gender: Worker (neutral/ null/ none/ acts and looks more male though)

Age: 17

Appearance: Ark has the normal build of a Mudokon, and wares a standard brown loincloth. Though his skin was a green blue and is currently stained purple, he has three tattooed black stripes on each arm with the addition of a tattooed 'mask' around his eyes. These tattoos glow whenever he feels a strong emotion, though he can cause them to glow on his own, generating a bright light from them. Additionally, he has five long red and black feathers growing on the top of his head, which he ties together with a weighted string in order to make it seem like he only has one long feather (the weight is stop them from arching higher than most 'working muds').

Personality: Ark is very driven and changes quickly from boredom to anger and back again (or any emotion, really). Tending to either over or under think any action, with very little middle ground, he gets in and out of situation rather quickly. Due to being one of the few 'permanent employees' at Labor Force Ranch, he did a lot of maintenance, making him able to trace the problem and replace the damaged part (though he does not have any true understanding of how it works, he can replace nor repair). He has rather high opinion of himself, thinking that he is most likely always right, very rarely admitting that he's wrong unless solid proof is shown (at which case he'll think it over for a bit and accept it). He likes kids, having spent most of his life training and tending to them, which has made him patient, even if he's livid while he waits.

Equipment: Ark carries with him two things at all time, a bag attached to his loin cloth and his spooce pistol. His pistol has long since ran out of any spooce (ammo), but he still thinks that it's good for a bluff. His bag is filled with small caterpillar type bugs, a small bundle of moolah, and two maps (one of Rupture Farms and the other of Labor Force Ranch).

History: Ark was hatched in labor force ranch and was raised to be sold at the age of ten. As he grew up, however, his body took on bluish tone (due to the combination of a more 'natural' diet and some exposure to the sun, and other minor occurrences). Due to this the Glukkon that had originally ordered Ark's batch was reluctant to own him thinking he may be 'defective', so Ark's owner replaced him with another Mudokon and decided to have Ark join his 'permanent' task force. He grew up teaching other Mudokons how to be top notch slaves, cleaning and repairing the 'ranch', and enjoyed a level a freedom that only he and about 8 others had (the other 'permanent employees, all of which are 'defective' in some way). When one of his two best friends and the only female Mudokon he remembered ever seeing, was killed because she had become fertile (not for incompetence of laziness), Ark started doubting the life he had. Sometime later after learning more about bay that the facility occupied he attempted a rather loud escape disrupting much of the Ranch. Over the next year he hid from Vorluks' (the owner of Labor Force Ranch) Sligs and his head of security. After giving Ark up for dead, Vorluk sent a transfer notice, saying his disappearance supposedly happened due the transfer vehicle being attacked. Meanwhile Ark had been taken up by a tribe of Mudokon that found him, because the shaman there had decided that Ark was going to be his successor. Thus, Ark unwilling went through the necessary training to become a shaman, getting his skin dyed purple and his tattoos in the process, before he was sent on a 'spirit journey' to renter the employment of Magog Cartel for a year. Confused but tired of arguing, Ark set off for the nearest reassignment center, two years after the noticed had been sent.

Now on to RP
The dull repeating thump of old machinery echoed through the cold halls in the lower levels of Rupture Farms. In the dimly lit corridors, stood a lone Mudokon, squinting at a map he held in his hand.

"There is no way that this is accurate," Ark grunted to himself. "That or I have no idea where I am."

Looking up he continued, "No, no there are the stairs. Though this map might just be horribly off scale, or made before the Plant was destroyed."

Ark had been down here awhile now, after the Mudokon that helped him (Hembar) went racing down a shaft, closely followed by two robots. Upon racing down to the level he now occupied, he quickly discovered that his map was once again insignificant to successfully navigate him to his destination. So he instead wondered around the level, occasionally seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, he even thought he had seen a snoozer not too long ago. Thus Ark found himself dejected and semi-lost.

Sighing, Ark folded up the map, and had just placed it back into his squirming pouch, when a series of small explosions caused him to launch himself at the ground. Rolling back up to his feet, facing the direction that the sound had come from, he inspected the hall. Seeing nothing, he started to relax a bit, before remembering why he was looking around down here to begin with; if whatever had caused those explosion had been chasing the female Mudokon that helped him, she could be in desperate need of help. Alternately, if it had been caused by some damaged equipment, the situation might be just as bad, particularly this close to the basements.

Throwing caution to the winds, Ark ran into the room where it sounded like the explosions originated from, sliding to a halt past the large entrance frame. Gazing around the large room, it looked undamaged; well, undamaged for a factory that had been destroyed, rebuilt, and accumulated several years of neglect. None of the low hanging equipment had fallen, there was no noticeable amount of smoke, no sparks or gaping hole. Ark carefully proceeded into the room, inspecting the room to the best of his abilities, while never slowing down his stride. The machinery keep obstructing his view, and he didn't want to be ambushed by a possible bomber.

Reaching the far end of the room and finding nothing, Ark started to turn back to the entrance, when something caught his eye. A door a little off to his right had a very broken control panel. Normally, he would take a broken panel as just part of the normal damage done to the facility over the years, but with the explosions he just heard, Ark decided to take a closer look. Walking up to it, he saw several small scorch marks dotting the floor and walls around the door.

"Well now I know where the explosions went off, but still not why or from whom," Ark muttered to himself, "If I had to take a guess, though, I would say that this door leads to the leveled and collapsing part of the factory."

Ark stood staring at the door, dawning a look of slight puzzlement.

"That might not be good," Ark said, continuing to think out loud, "I should probably tell someone... except I don't know where anyone is..."

Well, he did know where a stair case was, if he went to the top floor and looked for the biggest, fanciest door, chances were that it would be to Arnie's office. Pivoting Ark ran out of the room and to the stairs, where he preceded to walk up the stairs (running up stair is tiring). Upon reaching the first floor, Ark saw a Slig (Nick)walk by, out in hall, that clearly looked like he knew where he was going. Changing his original plan, Ark decided to follow the Slig, since if nothing else Ark could tell him about the door.

Ark followed the Slig up to a room that had several other in it, including the robot (RG) that chased the Mudokon that helped him, and #7 slig. 'Perfect, I can tell Seven without having to worry about Arnie, incase he's still in that mood that #7 warned me about, and I might be able to find out what happened to that Mudokon,' Ark thought as he approached the room. The Slig that he had followed had already began conversing with #7 slig.

Deciding that telling someone sooner rather than later was probably best, Ark walked into the room, not really noticing every one who was in the room. Clearing his throat he informed the group at large, "Um, Sirs, there might be a problem down at one of the doors that leads to the abandoned part of the factory."

OOC: Sorry for the short post. :p

dripik 01-20-2010 06:51 AM

OOC: Hmm, healing device... I now have TF2-related images in my mind.

You seem alright, OddOne, simply because there was nothing in your post that made my eye twitch. Yeh, some spelling mistakes here and there, but don't worry too much about it; RPing helped me a lot to improve my writing in the past 8 years. Keep it up!


"Yeah, I see. You missed some action back here - I don't even know if I should start listing it all. Arnie's in a temper, that's what's important about it. I guess all that stress was too much. Currently locked up in his office because of some Native that went right up to the door and asked for a job. Imagine that." said #7 Slig to Nick.

When he saw that Nick was eyeing Dionysia, he spoke. "I guess there are some people here now that you haven't met before. She is Dionysia; member of the Security team in a way. She's like an Industrial spy who can report if Mudokons are up to something."

#7 looked around. "Well, you know Otto, of course." Otto nodded at Nick. #7 continued. "Can't remember if you were around when we found RG... Well anyway, RG-49, robotic guard in his full might."

"Idiotic introductions are quite unnecessary, Slig organic." noted RG monotonously as a reply to #7 Slig.

In the meantime, Ark came in and told the group about something he encountered. "A door? What's wrong with it?... Actually, hold on a minute." #7 went over to one of the computers. He remembered the security measures he was about to tackle.

After some searching, he spoke to Nick again. "Before you arrived, we were about to activate some security gear in the factory. I've found in the database a batch of float mines stored in the storage room up one level. Could you take care of that?" asked #7, and added. "The way the schematics go, they are in a secluded container which has an opening towards the Stockyards. You'd only have to activate the mines and make sure they make it outside."

AlexFili 01-20-2010 12:26 PM

OOC: Good luck with Part 10 everyone!

IC: Borso looks around, the cold metal of the floor a deep contrast to the warmth within Borso's body. Borso turned around to face Flad. "So... Flad, what's the plan?"

EDIT: Oops. Sorry for the mess guys.

Jimmy-le-sniper 01-20-2010 12:43 PM


@Dripik :*Puts on rubber gloves* Oops, zat vaz not meditzine. *Snap !* *Play nice violin tune with übersaw*

@AlexFili : Well apparently, Opril decided to quit the RPG, so you're most likely to ignore his character for now on...Well, I think...

slig# 5719 01-20-2010 01:55 PM

I was waiting to see if Ench is coming before I post but he's not here yet so i guess Slen has lost Erp :p

And now to finally use that sexy letter duo:

"Plan?" Flad replied, "I think it would be best to wait here, I wouldn't want the boss to come out to find we wandered off somewhere and miss im." Flad began to look at his Slig Pants, the recent excitement wasn't the best thing for his worn rusted Pants. "I wonder what happened to that native" Flad thought out loud "bet he's having the time of his life with that snoozer"


Slen was wandering the corridors of the second floor all alone, he was slightly bent forward, if his arms weren't chained behind his back he would probably be rubbing them together out of worry. "Oh, no what am I gonna do?" He thought to himself "I've lost that Erp guy and I have no way of opening any of the doors. I just have to stay calm if the Sligs don't shoot me first I can explain, oh I hope I run into another slave or something soon then i'll be able to get to the boss of this place's office." Slen eventually came up to the closed doors of the Main Lift and tried to use the console with his head, "Nope can't do it, someones gotta come up through here sometime." Slen thought and waited in front of the Lift doors.

Uros Osium Tokker 01-21-2010 10:23 AM


Since I am going to be away for… Well I don’t know when my pc will be repaired ya know? I am going to post something here >:3 Large as hell so bear with me please X3. Probably I will make at least one or two more latter on to make up for the lack of bastards I held as mine, but that will be a maybe :3

KK7, full name Kra Kaboom the Seventh Subject

Slig grunt (walker)

Male? Acts as one you could say

Human years say around 22/23

KK7 has a bit of an odd form in the sense that he has only three tentacles and they are from blue to purple and then green as the color of the main body goes. The body itself is pretty normal, maybe a bit smaller than a normal Slig but the complexion is similar, the coloration seems a bit darker though. The arms are normal unlike the face since they have the four fingers and common looks asides the coloration that goes from blue to purple and green like the tentacles. His eyes are deep blue most the time; sadly he has a problem that gives them a red color when angry thanks to blood flow and pressure which usually give him heavy headaches after a few minutes.

Silent and reserved, KK7 has the custom of talking only to very close friends and only saying “Yes/No” or “Sir” whenever he is being talked so he usually he has near zero conversation rating. He is hard to get to know and usually also easy to get angry if insulted or bossed around for extent periods of time which he tends to inform lifting fingers until he runs out of them, moment in which he hisses like a Paramita before taking a bomb out of his pants.
When known enough so he talks to you, you may discover he is a very good fellow! He likes to read and to spend time in clean places to take out his mask and doze off in grass or threes as well as talk with anyone he is friend t, no matter the species.
Since he is different from most Sligs since birth he tends to stay away both from them and from any other Industrial people, even more from any Slig that acts and sounds like a girl (if there is any) and Vykkers for Odd’s sake. He hates meds and will probably go crazy if in need of medical assistance.
He is rather sharp thinking things through, the problem is he usually is too closed with anyone to do so and when angry he is even worse! Don’t try to tell him a joke or anything if he is not friendly towards you or being bright will only mean he will find a way to understand that as an insult.

The face mask is a new armored model originally made for the security section which has each eye protector divided into three reticules that has infra red, night and heat vision alongside the option to turn them on or off at will with a button on the side (so he also has a normal vision). The mask is a personalized model since the basic one has the common number of tentacles and its position fitted with armor but in this case it only has the three of them with an opening for the mouth.
Pants are also different since they are a prototype made of thicker armor and different feet for an all terrain work with chicken like feet that have better grip on most terrain but can’t get water on them like most models since they get stuck and useless.
Unlike most grunts, KK7 has a liking for all kind of explosives which is also where he gets most his pays! He usually has an array of bombs to throw that can vary a lot in function and in effectiveness, regardless of type.

Sold before hatching as most Sligs that had enough luck to grow away from those “mothers” of them, KK7 was hatched as a small color changeling Slig with normal features asides his color and cute appearance that was a burden for mostly any Slig with the normal way of living.
Being labeled as unfit for any kind of work right away after birth, KK7 was delivered to the Vykker labs with a basic combat instructor so (In case they made him fit again) he was still good working material. As it is obvious, Vykkers found him a fun toy to play with.
Most therapy and operations are a mystery to any (Included most Vykkers and himself) since it was one of the few brain surgeries (And failed ones at that) ever done. What is mostly known is the chemicals made to get his skin from changeling and remain as normal as it could. Side effects were: Losing most his tentacles in a PAINFUL way and fear of Vykkers as well as impossibility of another mind proving which ended in unnatural behavior for a Slig.
Actually one of his hopes is to get to know if his personality/sex/etc… was changed at all by the Vykkers and any other operation made.
Besides that, KK7 was returned “half normal” to the barracks for a normal way of life. There he found the guy that is called “Outside” since no one knows where he is from… Most things known about the dude is the fact that he pays anyone that tries his weapons. It is an important fact since thanks to his work he also found Dbreak.
His first actual mission was a raid to capture Mudokon that went really terrible… Before the attack KK7 refused to do so and ditched his team just in time for them to get slaughtered before he found a wild Slig Big Bro that had grown to be what he was naturally in the wild (or so he says to this day).
Thanks to Dbreak, the wild Big Bro, KK7 and him went on living as bounty hunters to try and make Mudos a better place until work seemed to be scarce thanks to other good doers (Heroes or antiheroes that depends on you) that made their way of life something hard to do and support.
Actually he and his buddy have found the need of help in the new Rupture Farms under a… different management. The idea of joining was mostly KK7’s since the other way of earning a living was to become the thing they hunted.

*** ***


Slig Big Bro?

Acts as a dude.

Human years 30 or close.

Big emerald look on most his body except the upper part of his head where it seems to be silver in coloration, Dbreak has a healthier look than most and shows it with the need of no mask whatsoever thanks to his incredibly strong health and body. However he gets sick easy by most poisons and natural venoms in payment for that.
His head, arms and body are the normal mean looking for a Big Bro if you don’t include the Paramita tattoo on his chest (A mean Paramita head that seems to burst from his chest and lunge forward) and the Scrab heads on his forearms.
His back has “bullet holes” like if he had been shoot with a shotgun:: Two on the upper right side near the shoulder, three on the centre of his back, one on the lower right section near the pants, two more near the left down side near the ribs and one in the neck.
His face is usually war painted as a skull in white or black, depending on the mood he woke up.

Very direct and truthful to anything he says, Dbreak is the handy man that can do a bit of everything and learn a bit of everything fast and nice… if he wants. He is usually a lazy guy that is mostly friendly and good company until you boss him around that is.
Very loyal guy and VERY loud, Dbreak tends to get drunk with anything and act overfriendly, unable to control his strength and usually gets wounded easily which may end in a bar fight or some conversation about the meaning of life and stuff.
Intelligent? Yea, he is… he had to be to survive in the wild, but he is not really the smarter one around you know? He can talk about trivial things and such but he is not a joker a leader or a scientist, the guy is your plain normal guy with a body that could crack a building and a friendly attitude so he doesn’t do so.

“Mean Dudes” are his twin wrist pistols made out of parts from Blitz Packers and Spooze Bows he found or bought as well as armor for the Big Bros. The things use Spooze as ammo (Thing he himself makes in secret, nobody knows how but him) and can use SoulStorm brew as a gas weapon (Not REAL SoulStorm brew, there is none left! Play Abe’s Exodus :3)
He doesn’t wear a mask, instead he has a pair of binoculars for anything he needs to watch at long ranges or to use any kind of special vision (Thermal or similar).
Doesn’t wear normal Big Bro armor, his armor is hand made by him from self regenerating wood someone gave him long time ago… It is a secret he keeps to himself and to his friends he only tells if asked in the right moment (Not even drunk he will talk about it). The armor is more or less like a full body armor of any Big Bro but with thorns in the shoulders, doesn’t cover the neck or the hands and also doesn’t cover the face (Which, for some reason, never gets harmed…) but the thing is weaker than metal and doesn’t regenerate really that fast so he is under protected for such a big body.
The legs are old, maintained by mostly natural materials such as wood, vines and other things on the outside (and inside) so he usually gives the looks if you mix it with the armor. They are old but are as good as any newer equipment with the problem that no one but him knows how to repair it which is a problem in a tight spot.

Really most is unknown about Dbreak, the only sure thing is that he lived most his life on the woods in company of wild creatures. He woke up a day like any other with a big body, an empty memory, some cash, weapons, ammo and no clue of anything with that big body of his and his pants…
He doesn’t talk much about his story asides that he grew seeing every part of the civilization: He saw the Mudokons and even spent some years with them after gaining their trust, however the tribal life was not his type.
Living amongst industrial and treating anything like sh** whenever the big bosses wanted was also something that did not call to him at all. Moolah and power were not really his things even if they did have good liquor and entertainment.
Now, living in between? That is what he opted to as he went to live with the small villages around civilization to be in touch with everything. There he found how to do a bit of everything and take care of himself and others. He forged a character that most Sligs don’t have or ever think about.
Dbreak had a lot of adventures he only tells his friends in rare occasions (One of the rarest is where he learned to grow Spooze) as well as to teach others how to be in tune with nature like the tribal species that still live in this industrial world like he did.
Mostly only his late story as companion of KK7 is known since they were the “Brains & Brawl” since they were a mean pair of bounty hunters that usually went alongside the law except in those few cases the law was not really right.
The actual idea of joining RuptureFarms’s new management doesn’t bode well with him, but you must eat and he wouldn’t like to abandon his friend… although the plus of the latter would be that Outsider would stop popping inside the garbage can of their house every now and then to give KK7 ammo and money.

*** ***





No one knows, he appears as a pair of white eyes with that so common black dots in them when he wants someone to see him…

Few words, do the job, give the equipment and money and then get out of there. Outsider is that kind of guy when he is around anyone.

Moolah and various ammunitions.

Nothing is known about Outsider asides that he is the same guy all the time and that he knows KK7 since he was out of the Vykker labs. Outsider is only known as an interrogation for most companies since he doesn’t work for any weapon developing company known by any Industrial (That they admit).


There is something I though to give them as first post here, but it involves a train blowing up before they arrive to make up for my absence till I am here X3 Since I don’t know how the possible future boss would react to sending a rescue party that may take a LOT to come back… I will refrain from it :3.

See ya whenever I get back (hopefully with another chapter of my story at that).

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