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AlexFili 11-29-2010 11:48 PM

The Creeper 2010 - Tundra Train
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Without further ado, I give you... THE CREEPER 2010 - TUNDRA TRAIN!
Just in time for Christmas, this will be a fun adventure in both role-playing and team-based game strategy. I look forward to seeing what happens during the next few weeks and I hope many people will join.

The players who are inactive will probably be the first ones to be killed off by the monsters, but I won't pick on any particular person! If you post at least once a day, you will probably not get booted or voted out. The monsters whoever, aren't so picky and will try to kill everyone!

The main aim of the RPG is to have fun and socialise. Respect the rules and be nice to other players. Try to keep in character if possible. Sligs are not mud-lovers but they won't beat up a Mudokon at the drop of a hat either. Remember, everyone is on an important mission here, no time for prejudice on the job!

Well, that's about it for now. Read the rules, behave and most importantly...


The Creeper 2010 - Tundra Train
It is a cold winter's evening in the snow. A local factory (Blarg Corps) has been closed for the season and most of the security staff signed off. A disturbance was reported several times, but as of yet, no further action has been taken. The members of security have been increasingly late for their briefings and the higher ups are getting worried that something is going on. Therefore they have sent us, the Operational Support Unit (OSU for short).

The lights inside the factory are off so we can assume that the power has been turned off somehow. The windows are dark and it is almost impossible to see what is indoors. Probably a good idea to activate any equipped flashlights when you get inside.

In the surrounding areas there are many items and devices that can be utilised. These include; Torches, Tazers, Drilling devices, Steel drums, Cardboard boxes and the limited amount of medical supplies located on-site. A local subway station nearby may contain: Levers, Signals, Signs, Neon Lights and broken bits of machinery lying on the track.

Note: Any item that requires electricity must either have its own battery pack or be powered by the mains electricity. An electrical device is good for about three or four uses before it fizzles out and requires a new battery pack or power source.

Fifteen individuals are assigned to inspect the factory. They each possess different sets of skills. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and are of different species. They have only worked together a few times before, so nobody really knows anyone else very well. The individuals are awaiting orders from their head commander, Furlong.

RPG Rules
The main idea of this game is a survival horror, but the actual gore etc will be written off-screen, so nothing worse than a 12A/15 certificate movie... although some injuries can be implied to be more or less serious. Tone of writing will be that of survivors, so expect some stammering, a bit of confusion and a whole lot of fear. Obviously some characters may be more afraid than others. Keep swearing to a minimum if possible. Use asterisks (****), substitute words (Oh Frag!) or good old fashioned cartoon swearing (%#&$!)

While there are fifteen individuals, a few of them may consist of NPCs should we fail to fill the total. They may even be subject to an early demise, if the story goes down that route.

Generally expect only ONE post per character per real-life day. I would ask that everyone only makes one character each (unless you have played this before and are fully prepared), to keep things reasonably simple.

While this is an RPG, I am a gamer by nature, so it's my idea to fuse a couple of RPG staples with some good old fashioned Gaming (Think Dungeons & Dragons). The most complex thing this will come down to is a dice-roll or a coin-flip (which I will do as an impartial referee). Here are a list of actions that require a 6-sided dice roll;

Attacking something (possible miss)
Closing a door (may get jammed/stuck)
Putting a bullet/clip into a gun (may get jammed/stuck)
Shooting a gun (damage variables & miss factor)
Skill based analysis (examining an object in high-detail, assessing the stability of an object or checking whether a device has a battery pack inside)
Rescuing someone (may not get there in time)
Searching for items (higher dice rolls grant more items found)

The general rule is that 3-6 indicates a correct result, but 1-2 indicates a failure. The exception is to the specialized jobs, which change this to 2-6 indicating a success, with 1 indicating a failure. If a player is attacking a 6 indicates a critical attack, which does twice as much damage.

Movement does not incur any roll, but can only occur once in any particular real-time day. To move, simply write "character name is moving from starting location to end location" Generally characters can only move one room at a time.

Example character profile

Level 1 - XP: 0 (We will all have this until next time)
Name: (Character name here)
Race: (Any sensible Oddworld race. Be aware that races like Glukkons will be severely disadvantaged when it comes to using something)
Age (human years): (Character age here)
Job: (What job does your character have? see below)
Oddity: (What special skill does your character have? see below)
Fear: (What scares your character? see below)
Personality: (What is the character like?)
Brief History: (What has the character done previously?)

=Job List=

Engineer - Ability to assess the stability of ground/walls.
Consultant - Has a higher chance of assessing objects accurately.
Technician - Has a higher chance of closing doors or operating machinery correctly, can repair objects more easily.
Weapons Expert - Has a higher chance of succeeding with an attack.
Native Intuition - Ability to sniff the air and sense the proximity of monsters. (Can be used by non-industrial races and feral beings)

=Oddity List=

Quick Hands - Reload faster (allows you to fire twice in one turn).
Last Chance - If mortally wounded, you will sink to the floor and be able to knife any enemies. If not rescued in two turns the character will be unconscious and be out of the game.
Close Quarters Combat - Melee attacks do twice as much damage as normal.
Survival Instinct - Have one extra segment of health.
Armament Mastery - Guns will never get jammed, overheat or break.

=Fear List=

Fear of Heights - Certain rooms may be revealed to contain a basement or upper floor, this shock can cause irrational fear.
Fear of Noises - A character may hear a noise and the character may enter a paralyzed state.
Fear of Darkness - If the lights turn off at any point, the character may enter a paralyzed state.
Fear of Monsters - If a scary monster appears, the character may enter a paralyzed state.
Fear of Water - If water is in the area, the character may enter a paralyzed state.
Fear of Fire - If a fire suddenly appears in the area, the character may enter a paralyzed state.

Note: Determining paralysis requires a coin-flip.

Leveling and Experience
From now on, every monster killed will give the attacker experience.
This experience can be used to utilise special weapons and oddities.
To progress from Level 1 to Level 2 requires 30 experience points, which is equal to 3 monster kills. Once you level up, your experience resets to 0 and you then have to progress to the next level above that.

Experience required to reach each level as follows:

Level 2 - 30
Level 3 - 70 (Can create multiple characters for future RPGs)
Level 4 - 140
Level 5 - 250 (Can activate and move Sentry Turrets)
Level 6 - 400
Level 7 - 610 (Can equip two Oddities)
Level 8 - 850
Level 9 - 1100 (Fears no longer affect the character)
Level 10 - 1500 (Extra segment of health)

You must be at least level 3 in order to create multiple characters (or played in the very first Creeper Halloween special).
Note: Players can only be created before the game has officially begun.

You must be at least level 5 in order to activate a Sentry Turret (if you find one).
Level 7 players can equip two separate Oddities.
Level 9 players will no longer get paralysed by any fear.
Level 10 players gain an extra segment of health.

Note: While each character has their own experience, at the end of the game all player characters yield their experience to their given player's total. The combined total of all players will also yield some shared experience to all players who take part in the game.


Because characters may move around the area, here is the basic structure of the Factory.

E - Entrance to the Factory (Everyone starts here)
D - Factory Top Floor
C - Factory Bottom Floor

C is connected to A1 and B1.
The subway is divided into two separate lines which meet up at the end.

A1 - Entrance to Alpha Subway Line
B1 - Entrance to Bravo Subway Line

Alpha Subway Line - A2,A3,A4,A5,A6,A7,A8,A9,A10.
Bravo Subway Line - B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8,B9,B10.

F is connected to A10 and B10.

F - Lab Facility Entrance
G - Main Lab
H - Delta Subway Line

Movement does not incur any roll, but can only occur once in any particular real-time day and can only cover one area.

Some of the information will be kept secret until such time as I wish to divulge it, such as the strength/health of the monster(s) you encounter. I will let you know if the monster is healthy, barely injured, injured, severely injured, dying or dead.

Player characters (except certain Oddity users) are on a three-strike system, whereby a third attack will incapacitate/defeat a player character. They may or may not be able to be revived depending on the success of medical equipment (requires a specific dice roll). A player stuck in Last Chance requires a "rescue". Due to the nature of a rescue, you cannot attack and rescue at the same time within the same turn.

To stop item hogging, people are only allowed four items each (an item being something that you pick up and use). When searching an area, a roll of 1 or 2 grants only one item. A roll of 3, 4 or 5 grants two items. A roll of 6 grants three items.

Basic points to remember;
- Only ONE IC post per real-time day (at least 12 hour gap between posts).
- Your character can only move to one adjacent area per each post (no leap-frogging/running).
- Any task that requires a certain amount of skill/intelligence requires an admin dice-roll. Just type *DICE ROLL*, and I will perform that particular roll and reveal the results of the roll in the subsequent turn.

With that said, everyone may now post their characters. Nobody is allowed to move until the game officially starts.

AlexFili 11-29-2010 11:49 PM

In order to make it easy for everyone, I would like everyone to utilise the following system for marking their turns:

(The IC post where you describe everything that happens)
[A] Bob attacks the enemy Mutated Zombie. *DICE ROLL*
[M] Bob moves to B.
[E] Bob looks for items in B. *DICE ROLL*

A is for attack. M is for movement. E is for extra action.
Try to bold the main object in each case if possible.

Character Profiles

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Furlong
Race: Slig
Age (human years): 36
Job: Weapons Expert
Oddity: Quick Hands
Fear: Fear of darkness
Personality: Furlong is a firm but fair leader. He is fiercely strong with assault rifles and other rapid fire weapons.
Brief History: Furlong was trapped in a locker once, and so hates the darkness. He has been promoted up the ranks due to his ferocity and his single-mindedness.

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Randy
Race: Intern
Age (human years): 19
Job: Consultant
Oddity: Survival Instinct
Fear: Fear of heights
Personality: Randy is a happy-go-lucky intern. He helps out Furlong when he can.
Brief History: Randy was stuck on a ferris wheel a long time ago. He still hates heights to this day. He was originally working for Scrabz Plant but was hired by the OSU as an assistant to the commander.

Note: Double posting is normally frowned upon in general forum use, so I would ask that everyone (including myself) keep this to a minimum.

If you need help or advice, please read the RPG rules as follows;

If there is anything specific about my RPG you want to know, send me a PM.

STM 11-30-2010 04:37 AM

OOC: Ok, I'm in!

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Unit 23
Race: Albino Slig
Age (human years): 32

Job: Weapons Expert
Oddity: Armament Mastery
Fear: Fear of heights

Personality: Quiet and calm, Unit 23 is a character of few words and harsh actions, expert with a variety of weapons, he is never happier than when he has a rifle in his clammy hands.

Brief History: Born in one of the artificial birth sections of the Slig Barracks, Unit 23 came into the world with a lack of skin pigment, normally he would have been killed as a child but his carer slig kept him locked away in a pen where he was invisible to all but the workers. He grew up a thing of the dark, calm and dangerous but eventually, like all mutants, he was found. Faced with death, the inquisitor vykers allowed him a single chance, penal servitude, to work as an elite death corps unit, sent into combat alone to neutralise rogue leaders and escaped scrabs. While the pay was minimalistic, Unit 23 was allowed to survive. Why Unit 23 was assigned to this mission is unknown but it may be the case that the glukkons new of what lay inside Blarg Corps.

MeechMunchie 11-30-2010 04:58 AM

I don't think the map's working. Was it supposed to be an image? Because that would be helpful. Also, do we still need to use the *Diceroll* tag?

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Chag
Race: Slig (Flying)
Age (human years): 24
Job: Consultant
Oddity: Survival Instinct (Vital for pilots)
Fear: Fear of Fire (If you read the last one you'll know why)
Personality: Listens to people, but still won't neccesarily do what you say; He likes to think for himself. Thinks of himself as a good team player, just doesn't usually think his team are. Has a tic, makes that *BS* noise more than normal.
Brief History: Impressed the Glukkons with piloting manoeuvres, but his headstrong nature meant he never actually got any qualifications (Including the one for night flying). He managed to get out of the previous Creeper incursion alive (just), but his superiors will continue to send him on suicide assignments until he learns his lesson.

AlexFili 11-30-2010 05:54 AM

OOC: Sorry, I'll edit my original post with a better map. Yep, request dice rolls as per the example. It didn't show up before because I used the V shaped brackets (which don't work on this).

Oddey 11-30-2010 07:15 AM

I plan to use the same character from last time as I enjoyed him so much.:D

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Kipricat
Age (human years): 28, but he never speaks about his age, as he can't anyway.
Race: Intern
Job: Technician
Personality: Kipricat is a bit of a nerd. He's not very strong, but underweight. He's got a thing with wires and electricity. He doesn't have a lot of field experience, but he claims to have done a lot of wirework. He doesn't talk much about that either though, because he's a kind of in his shell person.
Brief History: Kipricat doesn't talk about it, but when he was younger, all he did was play with wires in silence. That also explains his hate and fear of noises that he can't identify. Whenever other interns threw out their headphones for new ones, Kipricat would take them, and look at how the wires worked. Interns aren't taught very much about wires, so Kipricat learnt it on his own. Even when he got a place on his last team, he still fiddled with wires whenever they were around. He made himself his own sort of circuit board with at least fifty wires, so he can always take a few of them, or train with them.

A while back, Kipricat was on a mission. Something was going down at some facility. It turned out, that there was a lot more to it than his team originally thought, and Kipricat spent most of his time there scared stiff and running away from things. Then he joined up with OSU (Hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time!) and with this new mission, Kipricat is already thinking about going back to Vykker's Labs.
Fear: Fear of noises
Oddity: Quick hands

slig# 5719 11-30-2010 10:49 AM

Here I come! :D

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Zalik
Race: Slig
Age (human years): 26
Job: Weapons Expert
Oddity: Last Chance
Fear: Fear of noises

Personality: Zalik is a quiet individual who has a strong will once he puts his mind to something, however being a Slig means that these occasions don't happen very often. He's always been afraid of loud sudden noises since his time in the barracks after an explosion took away one of his friends.

Brief History: After the Slig Barracks Zalik spent most of his life as a lowly guard at Juks Jars. He eventually became bored with his job and yearned for some excitement, luckily he discovered the OCU and was eventually recruited and sent on his first mission.

AlexFili 11-30-2010 11:55 AM

Looks like there won't be a shortage of Sligs. If you've played this RPG before and want to make another character, feel free.

Edit: Thanks to everyone who joined so far. I see a lot of returning faces from last time which is excellent. I'll be starting in about 16 hours. :)

arkaznor 11-30-2010 03:05 PM

Might as well give it a whirl.

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Yuv
Race: Mudokon
Age: 19
Job: Engineer
Oddity: Close Quarters Combat
Fear: Fear of Heights

Personality: A bit skittish and over cations and analytical when put into new situations. A hard worker out of survival and general well natured. When situations get tough though, he ducks for cover.

Brief History: Yiv is a pretty average scrub who has spent his whole life working with broken down tools and machines in broken down rooms. As such he has a pretty good idea of when of something is going to completely fail, especially after the floor collapsed once and only him and one other Mudokon working it that area survived at a previous post.

AlexFili 12-01-2010 07:21 AM

The Creeper 2010 - Tundra Train

Narrator: It is a cold winter's evening in the snow. A local factory (Blarg Corps) has been closed for the season and most of the security staff signed off. A disturbance was reported several times, but as of yet, no further action has been taken. The members of security have been increasingly late for their briefings and the higher ups are getting worried that something is going on. Therefore they have sent us, the Operational Support Unit (OSU for short).

Fifteen individuals are assigned to inspect the factory. They each possess different sets of skills. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and are of different species. They have only worked together a few times before, so nobody really knows anyone else very well. The individuals are awaiting orders from their head commander, Furlong.

E - Entrance to the Factory
The factory is deserted. Around you are scattered bits of paper and other items that reveal that this factory has been abandoned for some time. There is one Slig mask on the ground and also a scrubbing cloth and bucket.

IC: Furlong stands up and looks around at the assembled crew. "Well it looks like we're ready to begin. That factory there has been under surveillance for a while now, but apparently the messages have stopped feeding back to the main company. Therefore it's up to us to investigate"

Furlong paces up and down, "First order of business, we need that power on in the factory... or we're sitting ducks for whatever might try and leap out at us. The main power switch should be in the Security Office which is located at the Top of the Factory (D). If someone could turn that on, then we can continue"

Furlong turns to face the group. "Everybody, stick together and remember to watch each other's backs", he looks at Randy, who nods in understanding. Randy made a noise and gestured to a box on the ground. Furlong smiles, "Ah yes, thanks for reminding me. Everyone pick up a Flashlight please. First come, first served"

[M] Furlong waits at E.
[E] Furlong reaches in the box and attempts to pullout a Flashlight. *DICE ROLL*

[E] Randy reaches in the box and attempts to pullout a Flashlight. *DICE ROLL*
[M] Randy moves nervously into D.

*New Objective! Activate the power supply in the Warehouse*

OOC: Everyone can start to play. Every player character is currently at E. I will close applications to this RPG on the 4th of December, so register fast. Enjoy!

MeechMunchie 12-01-2010 08:11 AM

Chag hovered restlessly above the assembled group. He glanced down disapprovingly. They were a ragtag bunch, not the sort of people he would work with by choice, but then, he didn't seem to have a choice about very much these days. He rubbed the cluster of round scars on his forearm where The Creeper had grabbed him. The cold was making it sore. Upon his dismissal, Chag rattled forwards towards the supply crate and

[E] grabbed a flashlight. *DR*

He stopped outside the large blast doors of the lab, and turned around to survey the operatives as they went in.

He hoped Dore was happy in his retirement. Himself, he still had to face death a few more times before he was free.

Oddey 12-01-2010 08:22 AM

OOC: Well then, let us begin!
IC: Kipricat looked up from his wires to reveal what was to him, a very unpleasent sight. Another abandoned place. 'Will I ever get out of these kinds of jobs? Maybe I can stick around by the entrance or something... That would be safer,' he thought longingly. Still, this time there was an intern on the team, someone he might be able to relate to. Even that wasn't likely, considering Kipricat was a bit of a nerd to other interns. Still, it could hardly hurt to try.

Making a beeline for the the box, he thought maybe he could lead the way with the other intern. That way if something did try to pick him off, everyone behind him would see it and maybe save him.

[M] Kipricat dashes after Randy into D.
[E] Kipricat reaches into the box for a flashlight. *DICE ROLL*

STM 12-01-2010 10:00 AM

OOC: Ok let's go, is this the posting order?


Unit 23 looked at the crew, he was used to being alone and right now he didn't like the company. His old style infra red visor was packing up as well so he looked around for a torch.
"Anyone want come with, probably better in small group."

[M] Begins to wander off into D
[E] Searches for torch

"Not that mudokon though, and not the flying slig, too annoying, too noisy."

AlexFili 12-01-2010 10:30 AM

OOC: Everyone should just take their time and post once a day, at any point. I won't be keeping track of 'turn order' really. Dore is on a holiday with Moyris in the Hawabean!

Edit: I'd like to add some new rules for special races.

Glukkons - Glukkons are less accurate with guns and so cannot perform critical hits (ie. any dice roll with a 6 will be discarded and replaced with a 1).

Slogs - Slogs cannot use items, however if they carry a backpack on their back, they can store three items. These three items can be used by anyone, preferably their Slig handler.

Interns - Cannot speak, but they can usually get their point across via sign language.

slig# 5719 12-01-2010 03:59 PM


Zalik glanced around the room after Furlong finished speaking. Coming from only a small factory he had never encountered an Albino or an intern before. He began to make his way to the supply box until the Slig mask caught his attention.

'What's that doing there?' Zalik thought to himself, beginning to feel uneasy. He approached the mask and crouched down to pick it up.

Zalik looked up to see a few of the others enter the factory so he rushed after them. 'Best not to be alone, especially without a flashlight' he thought as he ran.

[E] Picks up the Slig mask *DICE ROLL*
[M] Rushes to D

Itxi 12-01-2010 05:09 PM

OOC:Yo people, this looks fun. :)

I was thinking about a Slog character, since they can't do much besides bite and be very misunderstood by the other players I was wondering if I could have two please?

If not that's fine really.

Level 1 - XP: 3
Name: Ruff
Race: Slog
Age (human years): 20
Job: Native Intuition
Oddity: Close Quarters Combat
Fear: Fear of loud noises
Personality: Vicious, quick to anger and every bit the alpha slog. Obedient to a point.
Brief History: Ruff was quickly noted as being a particularly vicious example of sloghood, yet also proved to be cunning enough to yield results. Mostly those results were at the cost of someone missing a limb, but you can't make a mudokon omelette without breaking a few eggs. Was once shot at by a slig who wasn't too keen on the idea of being slog food, both parties lived to see another day but Ruff now has a fear of loud noises, particularly gunshots. The slig now has a fear of slogs.

Level 1 - XP: 0
Name: Scrap
Race: Slog
Age (human years): 20
Job: Native Intuition
Oddity: Keen smell
Fear: Fear of monsters
Personality: Much more timid and almost playful (if you throw a paramite leg, there's half a chance that he'll play fetch. Or he might, yah'know, eat it, he is still a slog afterall)
Brief History: It's a surprise to most that Scrap wasn't reduced to fleech food as a sloggie, but that may have had something to do with Ruff's intervention. Resulting in the poor executioner slig being (literally) disarmed. The glukkon in charge of the breeding pens was amused enough to allow Scrap to live.


The explosive bolts on the two cages dropped off with the rest of the equipment let out a snap as the doors are thrown off. Immediately a slog leaps from each cage, snarling with anticipation.

It doesn't take them long to run around the entrance to the factory and get accustomed to the smell of the rest of the unit, though Scrap spends some time snapping at the flying slig playfully, though with a slog the definition of playful can only be taken so far.

Ruff lets out a growl and Scrap stops to follow him through to the top floor, where they proceed to scout for any hostiles.

[M] Both run to D
[E] Search for any enemies *DR*

AlexFili 12-01-2010 11:18 PM

OOC: I think that's a fantastic idea with the two dogs. If any Slig would like to claim one of the dogs, just let Itxi know via game-chat. We're getting quite a few players now. We just need a few more players and then this will be a perfect game!

I'm not sure Weapons Expert works well for your dogs. I'd prefer if you edited your post so that you have the following skill instead; "Native Intuition"

I've decided to invent some new Oddities, Fears and Jobs. If you would like to amend your character's descriptions, now is the time to do it.

Native Intuition - Ability to sniff the air and sense the proximity of monsters. (Can be used by non-industrial races and feral beings)
Oddity: Armament Mastery - Guns will never get jammed, overheat or break.
Fears: Fear of Water, Fear of Fire.


[M] Furlong waits at E.
[E] Furlong reaches in the box and attempts to pullout a Flashlight. - 3, Furlong finds a Flashlight.

[E] Randy reaches in the box and attempts to pullout a Flashlight. - 3, Randy finds a Flashlight.
[M] Randy moves nervously into D.

The factory's top floor seems to contain several residential areas for the workers. There seems to be a security office which contains a set of keys and also a journal. There is a switch to activate the power.

[E] Chag grabbed a flashlight. - 4, Chag finds a Flashlight.

[M] Kipricat dashes after Randy into D.
[E] Kipricat reaches into the box for a flashlight. - 3, Kipricat finds a Flashlight.

[M] Unit 23 begins to wander off into D.
[E] Unit 23 searches for torch (Not sure whether this was a location based search or just looking in the box, I'll assume that you were searching the surrounding area) - 1, Unit 23 finds one item: Tazer.

[E] Zalik picks up the Slig mask - 1, Zalik fumbles and drops the Slig mask.
[M] Zalik rushes to D.

[M] Scrap & Ruff run to D.
[E] Scrap & Ruff search for any enemies - 3 (check succeeds), No enemies in the nearby area.

Note: If possible, could everyone make sure their character names are included in the action requests? It just makes it much easier to copy and paste.


IC: Furlong nods, "That's it, you got the flashlights. One thing you might want to do now is check the flashlight to make sure it's working. It would be bad if it didn't work when you really needed it" Furlong reaches into the box, "Hmmm, one flashlight left in the box. Guess I'll head inside too"

[M] Furlong moves to D.
[E] Furlong searches the surrounding area *DICE ROLL*.

Randy looks around, this place is pretty dark and damp. 'I've got a bad feeling about this', he thinks to himself. 'Oh well, I should start by checking my flashlight'.

[M] Randy moves to C.
[E] Randy checks to see if his flashlight is working *DICE ROLL*.

The factory's lower floor contains large machines that were used to dig tunnels. Perhaps when the power is on, the light will reveal something new in the current darkness.

Oddey 12-02-2010 03:48 AM

IC: Feeling rather uneasy, Kipricat took a moment to observe his surroundings. Dark and rather moist. 'Odd for it to be wet in winter here. This is not going to be good, I know it, I know it, I know it!' thought a somewhat panicky Kipricat. The silence which Kipricat normally embraced, felt eerie. Feeling nervous, he checked to see if his flashlight was working and planned to turn it on as soon as he found out if it was. Seeing that Randy was already on the move, Kipricat dashed after him. "You think this is a good idea? There's no telling what's in here. If something creepy jumps out, it won't be the first time it happened in a place like this. Wouldn't it be a good idea to wait on everybody else? Or at least look for a weapon?" he said, in a very muffled voice, but he hoped his point would get across with his accompanied sign language.

[M] Kipricat bounds after Randy into C.
[E] Kipricat checks to see if his flashlight is working *DICE ROLL*.

MeechMunchie 12-02-2010 04:57 AM

I've changed Chag's Fear to Fear of Fire. I think it's a nice little reference to the ending of the last Creeper RPG.

Chag turned around and watched the last of the enlistees disappear down the entrance corridor. Not a veteran among 'em, apart from an Intern he vaguely remembered. He could easily be mistaken though, they all looked the same to him.
"Looks like I'm on my own again", he muttered to himself. He didn't mind. He liked doing his own thing, anyway. Someone had to look out for these newbies; They clearly had no idea what they were getting themselves in for. Emitting a short *BS*, Chag

[M] (Chag) flew lazily into D
[E] and checked his flashlight was working. *DR*

'Let's get this over with', he thought.

STM 12-02-2010 07:24 AM

Unit 23 turned to face a lone slig (Zalik) he wasn't good around people but he tried to clear his throat, bringing up some flem which made him gag a little, flexing his tentacles he grated out a single monotone sentence, "How about, we go down, away from group, safer, I think we not alone here."

He scratched at his arm and produced the tazer he had scavenged from behind his back, "look, weapon!"

[M] Unit 23 turns to face Zalik
[E] Unit 23 examines tazer's settings

AlexFili 12-02-2010 08:27 AM

OOC: @MeechMunchie, not a bad idea. Glad that everyone remembers the last game. :)

slig# 5719 12-02-2010 11:04 AM


Zalik looked at his hands, they were still slightly numb from the cold outside, he still couldn't believe he dropped the Slig Mask. Zalik was trying to catch his breath, he wasn't used to running around and the guys he was trying to follow were already gone.

The voice of a Slig pulled him from his thoughts. "Away from the group?" he replied and gave a small nervous laugh "Our boss has already left us but your right, something doesn't feel right"

Zalik noticed the two Slogs run in "looks like we've got more then a tazer now" he smiled "but I'd still feel better with something of my own." He said and began to wander around the room looking for anything he could use.

[M] Zalik stays in D
[E] Zalik searches for an item *DICE ROLL*

AlexFili 12-03-2010 12:46 AM

OOC: Arkaznor and Itxi really need to get a move on, they're going to be left behind at this rate. Entries close on the 4th of December, so join quick!


[M] Furlong moves to D.
[E] Furlong searches the surrounding area. 4 - Found two items: Cardboard Box, Tazer.

[M] Randy moves to C.
[E] Randy checks to see if his flashlight is working. 4 - Flashlight is working fine.

[M] Kipricat bounds after Randy into C.
[E] Kipricat checks to see if his flashlight is working. 2 - Flashlight flickers and fizzles out.

[M] Chag flew lazily into D
[E] Chag checked his flashlight was working. 4 - Flashlight is working well.

[E] Unit 23 examines tazer's settings. 3 - Tazer is set on 'maim' and is in full working order.

[M] Zalik stays in D.
[E] Zalik searches for an item. 3 - Found two items: Drill, Blitzknife (electrical sword).

No more items left in D.


IC: Furlong smiles, "A cardboard box eh... I could hide inside this" Furlong heads into the security room and pulls the lever. *Objective Complete!* Furlong heads down the staircase to C. "Okay, since there are only a few of us, I suggest we stick together and head down Alpha line as far as we can"

C – Factory Bottom Floor
The factory's lower floor contains large machines that were used to dig tunnels. Now that the power is on, it is clear to see that a subway line is connected to this floor. There are two paths. Alpha Subway Line on the left, and Bravo Subway Line on the right.

Randy, satisfied that his flashlight is working, dances for a short period of time. He then remembers why he was here and is surprised to see the lights on. Randy waits for Furlong and looks for items on the ground.

[E] Furlong pulls the switch to activate the power.
[M] Furlong moves to C.

[M] Randy waits in C.
[E] Randy looks around for any useful items. *DR*

STM 12-03-2010 03:40 AM

The lights flickered on and Unit 23 moaned as the industrial lighting blinded him for a second, "*%$!" He exclaimed loudly, turning to face Zalik and the remainder of the team he scratched his head and flicked the fizzing IR goggles off.
"I'm not going down Alpha, I'll try Bravo with those more interesting in being quiet...and not dying, but first, I need gun, big gun, small gun, something ranged aye!"

[M] Unit 23 walks to Bravo entrance
[E] Unit 23 searches for ranged weaponry

Oddey 12-03-2010 05:33 AM

IC: When Randy did not reply, Kipricat shrugged it off as him just being pre-occupied. Finding that his flashlight did not work, made him increasingly nervous. 'Why do they only buy the ones that only work sometimes?' he thought. Deciding he would take matters into his own hands, he decided it would be a very good idea to find something to deal with enemies. He decided he would also try to stick around with Randy. If the power, which had just come on, went out or something, then he would still be able to see with Randy's working flashlight. Furlong was also here. 'The more people around, the better,' he thought happily. He gestured towards Randy, to show Furlong he was with him.

[M] Kipricat waits at C with Randy.
[E] Kipricat searches the area for weapons of any sort *DICE ROLL*

Itxi 12-03-2010 06:21 AM

IC: The sound of the slig mask hitting the floor caught the attention of Scrap, bounding over he began to sniff deeply to try and find a scent to follow.

Not detecting anything that he was allowed to bite at in the current room, Ruff decides to stand by the two sligs and wait for more commands. Provided they lead to something violent he was usually happy to follow orders.

[M] Scrap heads to E. Ruff stays in D, or follows the sligs if they move on.
[E] Scrap tries to get a scent from the slig mask *DR*. Ruff searches for enemies (if he moves to the next room with the sligs) *DR*

OOC: I thought I'd leave Ruff as a weapons expert for now, since he's more of an attack slig than anything. Changed Scrap to have native intuition though if that's fine.

MeechMunchie 12-03-2010 07:56 AM

As Chag flew into the lab block, the strip lights above him began to hum and flickered into life. He stowed away his flashlight in the glove compartment of his wings. 'Now I can see better,' he thought, 'I should probably get moving. I'm supposed to be a scout, after all. I shouldn't be hanging around.' Shaking off the chill from outside, he tilted forwards and

[M] (Chag) flew down the elevator shaft to D.

The other operatives were assembling and exchanging orders at the entrance to the subway lines. Chag soared over their heads towards and

[E] peered down the Alpha Line to see if there was anything of interest down there. *DR*

AlexFili 12-03-2010 08:49 AM

OOC: In future I will turn Weapons Expert into "Munitions Expert" and "Combat Specialist". But for now, all attacks (whether melee or gun based) will be boosted.

IC: Randy looks at Kipricat and shrugs. 'No idea. But to be honest, I'd rather be moving forward than moving back. Besides... I hate the cold'

slig# 5719 12-03-2010 11:52 AM


Zalik rummaged around the residential areas of the top floor, he walked into one of the rooms. Lying on the floor was a Drill, Zalik picked it up and was about to leave the room when he noticed a piece of metal sticking out from under the bed. At a distance it was hard to discern what the thing was, he grabbed it and pulled it out from under the bed. At that moment the lights flashed on and he caught sight of what he was now holding. His eyes widened and his mouth turned into a grin that would have lit up the room itself.

Zalik walked back to Unit 23, his face beaming, although nobody could see it under his mask and tentacles "Guess what I found?" he asked excitedly and held the Blitzknife into the air triumphantly. "Now we both have weapons, but I'm better with guns too. Looks like the boss is moving, I guess he didn't leave us after all. We'd better follow him." Zalik began to walk down to the lower part of the factory taking a better look at the Blitzknife as he did so

[E] Zalik examines the Blitzknife *Dice Roll*
[M] Zalik moves to C

AlexFili 12-04-2010 02:40 AM


[E] Furlong pulls the switch to activate the power.
[M] Furlong moves to C.

[M] Randy waits in C.
[E] Randy looks around for any useful items. 2 - Found one item: Medical Kit.

[M] Unit 23 walks to Bravo entrance (B1).
[E] Unit 23 searches for ranged weaponry. 2 - Found one item: Grenade.

Unit 23 is ambushed by a Hellhound Slog.
[A] Hellhound Slog attacks Unit 23. 3 - Hellhound Slog bites Unit 23.
Unit 23: Healthy -> Injured.

[M] Kipricat waits at C with Randy.
[E] Kipricat searches the area for weapons of any sort. 6 - Found three items: Rocket Launcher, Steel Drum, Tazer. Kipricat now has the maximum of four items in his inventory.

No more items in C.

[M] Scrap heads to E. Ruff follows the sligs to C.
[E] Scrap tries to get a scent from the slig mask. 3 - Scrap picks up the scent of an injured Slig. Ruff searches for enemies. 3 - Ruff sniffs and sneezes. He can smell rotting flash and a great evil approaching.

Enemies found in nearby areas: B1,A1,B2,A2,B3,A3.

[M] Chag flew down the elevator shaft to C. (C is where the subway is, so I'll assume you meant C)
[E] Chag peered down the Alpha Line to see if there was anything of interest down there. 2 - Chag cannot see that far due to the darkness, but he notices a few lights from stations ahead. The line looks quite long. It would take a few minutes to walk all the way down the line.

[E] Zalik examines the Blitzknife. 3 - The Blitzknife makes a 'vwoosh' noise as it powers up, the lightning sparkles and shines. Zalik slices a metal crate wide open like a hot knife through butter.
[M] Zalik moves to C


Anyone who hears the Hellhound Slog bark needs to do a *coin-flip* check to see if they are paralysed. This includes: Kipricat, Zalik and Scrap.

IC: Furlong hears an angry bark up ahead, "Darn, there's something in there" Furlong rushes into Bravo entrance and attempts to provide backup to Crag.

[M] Furlong moves to B1.
[A] Furlong tries to attack the Hellhound Slog with a Tazer.

B1 - Entrance to Bravo Subway Line
This is the entrance to Bravo Subway line. The path splits off to the right.

Randy also hears the evil yelp and rushes to Bravo Entrance to assist.

[M] Randy moves to B1.
[A] Randy tries to attack the Hellhound Slog with his fists.

Meanwhile, Yuv hears a strange noise coming from the surrounding area of E...

OOC: I think it's time I explained in more detail about weapon and close combat attacks.
A roll of 1-2 indicates a miss. A roll of 3-5 indicates an attack hitting the enemy. A roll of 6 will do a critical hit which does one extra point of damage to the enemy.

Basic melee items like claws, teeth, fists, brass knuckles, tazers or poles will do a base damage of 1. Enhanced melee items like swords, chainsaws or blitzknives will do an increased base damage of 2 (but are liable to breaking if a 1 is rolled).

Basic guns such as Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles or Pistols will do a base damage of 1.
Advanced guns like Sniper Rifles, Shotguns or Heavy Pistols will do a base damage of 2.
If 1 is rolled, the gun is broken and cannot be used without repair. If a 2 is rolled, the gun is temporarily jammed until the next turn.

Explosive weapons like Grenades and Rocket Launchers work differently.
Their base damage is a 2, but a critical hit will do 3 points of damage (blowing up most enemies in one hit). If a grenade *DR* fails, it is a dud and will not explode. If a grenade *DR* succeeds, it will blow up and become unusable. Broken Rocket Launchers cannot be repaired and so become unusable once a 1 is rolled.

Every successful attack grants 1 XP point to the attacker (or 3 XP for a critical hit).

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