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Originally Posted by kjjcarpenter View Post
Crystal (MrsKJJ) told me to upload a picture, so here we go:
My love, I meant to upload a nicer one >.<.

This is the same couple's party ...

Halloween at work, and to look after the kiddies around the store, I took the liberty of dressing up as a pony! More like an Equestria Girl with her long white sleeved shirt and bangles, but still a pony. I'm Rarity If the opportunity arises, I'll be doing Anna from Frozen next.

Originally Posted by Nepsotic View Post
That smile is way too big for someone who's been doing a night shift for six years.
That made me laugh more than it should have.
Originally Posted by Me
I just like the little scrab. He looks so happy, he doesn't know life ends as a cake.
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