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mitsur is getting this party started, handsome (452)mitsur is getting this party started, handsome (452)mitsur is getting this party started, handsome (452)mitsur is getting this party started, handsome (452)mitsur is getting this party started, handsome (452)

Here you go, Hobo. It's the template from the first one I made.

Type of Picture:
Obvious, really. What do you want? A general picture, or an avatar, or a banner? This will keep me frommaking you guys an avatar when you want a banner.

Main Text:
What main title do you want on the banner? This is usually your username, but it could be something else.

Subtext (Optional):
What do you want under the title? This is usually a phrase, or witty quote.

What font do you want the main text and subtext in? Both can be different fonts. Include the color if you want. Also, please give me a link to where I can download the font if you don't think i'll have it.

What picture do you want to be with the banner? You can tell me a combination of pictures, also. It would really, really help your banner's make-speed if you included a link to the pictures.

Do you want an underlining theme to the banner? Like tech, organic, or biohazard? Theme mostly means the overall feel of a picture. Like, if you say, grunge, that pretty much means for it to be overall dirty.

Here's where you post anything that can't be put into any of the other parts. Maybe you want a picture to be slightly blurred, or maybe you want a border. Anything you think should be included goes here.

And also, please post if the picture is going to be a signature, avatar, or just plain picture.

Now, if you guys think 'You don't need to force us to use this template, you nazi'. you're wrong. I have seen picture threads like this (one of my own, as well) degrade into idiots just saying 'Make me a Vincent Valentine sig plz ty' for pages on end, totally paralyzing the system.

Well, that's pretty much all of it. Oh, and anyone who wants to help me out, just email, or pm, or im me. Any help would be appreciated!

And for anyone who doesn't know how to upload their signatures, here you go.



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