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Name: Ralph (Vykker codename: ABP1001)

Age: 16 in human years

Species: Mudokon/Vykker experiment (Gees, RuptureFarms seems to be a dumping ground for these guys )

Bio: Ralph had lived a fairly normal life - normal for a mudokon slave, that is - for most of his life (or had seemed to ), until a Vykker looking for "guinea pigs" for a new project happened to choose him. Since then, his life has practically been turned upside down as he was subjected to various devices of Vykker design, tweaking with his body and his mind until he was no longer recognizable as the once normal mudokon Ralph. In some ways, he has actually benefited from the 'enhancements" he has been given, for example his strength has been increased considerably - stronger than any other mudokon, claimed his "designer" - and since the experiments, he has never felt weariness or fatigue. But the damage done to his mind far outweigh the advantages of his body.
The project was started with the plan in mind of making a mudokon who would appear just like any of the others, but on the inside was far superior and also was against his own kind. The idea was to use this mudokon to assist in the capture (or killing, depending on the mood of the higher-ups) of free mudokons, and what better way to do so than with a traitor mudokon?
Unfortunately the attempts to make his appearance the same as other mudokons failed, as although in shape and form he seems identical to most mudokons, the experiments had a side effect which caused his skin to turn a dark blue (not Abe-type blue, think blue-black), thus rendering him anything but inconspicuous. However, in most other fields the experiment was a success, so his "designer" started to look at the next step - how to bring him under their control. Using all sorts of items ranging from high-tech looking gadgets to crude tools, he has affected Ralph's mind to such an extent that he can hardly be considered a mudokon mentally now. What was once a high spirited, care-free mudokon is now a cold, calculating, and humourless being, usually interested only in what he considers beneficial to himself. He knows what the Vykkers did to him, and he hates it. Because of this, he can sometimes be known to use violence as an outlet for this anger, but usually he contains it well. It's possible that the old Ralph is still there, somewhere deep in Ralph's mind, but there is no way to be certain.
Due to the system restraining his mind being damaged, his personality can seem to change erratically, confusing some people as he can seem almost kind one moment and completely hostile the next.
How he got away from the purpose he was designed for is not known by many as Ralph rarely talks about his past. He has worked at a range of factories around the Magog Cartel, and after manipulating his superiors at the last factory he was working at, is now on his way to RuptureFarms after hearing of the working conditions of mudokons here.

Appearance: Similar to most mudokons, except for his skin, which is a dark blue colour (see above)

Name: Hembar

Age: 21 in human years

Species: Mudokon

Gender: Female

Bio: Hembar is a member of a mudokon tribe calling themselves the "Avando." They are part of an alliance of seven mudokon tribes who are highly advanced in their society and mystical powers. Even the youngest mudokons in these tribes have some sort of small scale mystical powers, and the members of the Avando tribe are known to be the most powerful. Hembar usually prefers to stick to more natural environments, but circumstances have led to her being the only suitable mudokon to go on a certain mission to RuptureFarms. She plans to sneak aboard a train from Feeco Depot to RuptureFarms and join the workforce there to allow her freedom of movement around the factory to carry out her work.

Appearance: Normal mudokon skin colour, but she wears a gown-type outfit from just above her knees to her shoulders. It appears to be made of similar cloth to most mudokons loin-cloths, but it also has an intricate pattern of feathers sewn throughout it.
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