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OOC: By popular demand, this entry will be shorter and less pretentious.

IC: Mars's shots were in vain, every single bullet missed. Rather depressed with the turn of events, he took a look at his cover. Mars admired his creation. It was a pile of dirt and rock, with shiny metal placed on top. He patted it with his hand, reveling in his inginuity. As soon as his hand made contact with it, it collapsed and scattered everywhere.Mars sort of stood there in disbelief for a few seconds. Right when he just wanted a moment to himself, he glanced Harik looking for cover. He didn't seem to notice the pile of shiny stuff on the ground in front of Mars. This came across as rather insulting. Mars heard him curse, and was about to scold him when he yelled something. It wasn't clear at all, and Mars wasn't very sure he realized this. It was about then our good ol' moron got shot in the shoulder, the best place to get shot for lack of vital organs. The force knocked him to the ground, and dulled his hearing as he could barely hear the sound of gunfire. In pain, he gritted his teeth to not scream, not because he was manly and could handle getting shot, but because it was his first fight and didn't want to look like a ninny.

Again he heard Harik say something. It sounded like 'pie is outta sight', which obviously was wrong (or we can change the number of insane mudokon rebels to '2'). Mars simply said "what", before realizing he should focus on important matters. "Look", Mars began. "Maybe we should head to that waterfall over there" he said, suddenly noticing the aforementioned aquatic feature which was either a long walk, or a short run-for-life-as-you-get-shot away. "It might be empty." Despite being on the ground, Mars picked up his revolver which was knocked a little bit away from him, and took a few shots and Primero/Jerkface while righting himself up.

[A] Mars shoots Primero Emlyn with revolver. *DICE ROLL OF VENGENCE!!!*
[LOL] Mars exchanges friendly chit-chat with Harik about moving to the Waterfall Cave. *I THINK THIS IS HIS CALL*

[insert boundless wit here]

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