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Default Abe's Origins Book

Ooooeeeee! Look what I just got in the mail!

Anyone else funded this? What do you think of the book?

Edit: Getting some great replies here

I found the book overall to be bloody amazing. I love seeing the process to creating art and this book (obviously) is all about it. They talk about the inspiration for creatures and areas and show different iterations for many aspects of the games. I particularly loved the level sketches and logo designs.

I had done some work on creating a snow biome for a new level (photoshop mockups) but I discovered from this book that OWI had also done some art for it, so now I feel like I can't continue to work on it because I'd be copying their idea / subconsciously influenced by their concepts.

One of the most interesting aspects was the many many pages of interview with Lorne. I learnt a fair few new things about him that I'd never heard before, so I appreciated that. I also loved learning about how the characters designs completely embody their traits, personality and beliefs.

My only criticism would be that there was no unreleased Soulstorm art and they didn't delve into any artwork for Fleeches or Greeters.

Overall, very happy and thanks to the people who worked on it!

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