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yeah sorry about that i just finished the third chapter
although it's more like a run up to the next chapter
and also I'm going to be posting at least 2 chapter's a week

S.F.L.A chapter 3 - Hope

"I cant believe he's gone"
Duane came up to me and threw his gigantic hand on my shoulder
"at least he didn't die in vain"
"we got him"
I looked up and saw zed and snake pulling D.r nymph behind them
he was writhing around trying to get free
"Where is drisk!"
Duane said in a scary voice
"Why should I tell you"
Duane grabbed him by his neck and pulled him up close to his face
"Or i'll beat the shit out of you"
nymph's whole expression changed
he was shaking fiercely
"h-h-he's hiding"
"I-In a base located just outside of the n-necrum b-b-"
"Burial ground's shit how are we gonna get there"
"we could take the train"
I said
"yeah were just going to go in there and ask" zed said in a sarcastic voice
"who said we were going to ask?"
zed smiled at me
"of course"
"do you want me to kill nymph" snake said
nymph looked at us and fell to his knees
"please spare me"
Duane nodded at snake
"w-wait does that mean you'll spare me
snake walked up to nymph
nymph fell backwards blood coming out of the hole in his head
"let's go if we hurry we can catch up to the early train by tomorrow morning"
"hope none of you are tired"
15 hour's later
Zed ran up to me
"Hey are we almost there yet?"zed asked me
"we should be there soon, can I ask you a question"
"when you were with drew fighting the slig how did you kill it?"
"well actually drew killed it he grabbed a scalp pushed into the slig's chest and then he pushed a grenade into it and it exploded on impact blowing up the slig from the inside"
"hmm at least they're all dead now"
"yeah, hopefully
we heard the train coming
"Come on!"
we all ran over the hill and saw the train
We all started climbing up the columns of the train tracks
"now remember on my signal jump onto the side of the train"
we saw the train heading right for us
"I jumped on the side and grabbed onto a little ber on the side of the train
zed was behind me
I pulled myself to the door and punched open the glass door
there was a slig sitting in the front
I pulled out my gun and shot it through the head
the body fell to the ground
I picked him up and threw him out the door
"train is in possession" I said through my transmitter
"we're coming in the front" Duane said
"is there any food in there" zed said
they pulled themselves into the front
"does anyone know how to work this thing?"
"I do" snake said
He jumped in the front and started pushing all these button's
"Let's make this a clean mission guy's"
"it's bad enough with drew gone..."

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