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Dear Splat
I would appreciate that you do not say things in such a rude manner. I will not post links again, this wat not intended to replace oddworld forums, it never was intended to replace this site. It was never a 'whatever i feel like' link, it was indeed a link made by me, the fan and was meant to be a nice thing for other fans to join or look at, it was meant to carry on the oddworld legacy in my own way, it never expands as far as the oddworld forums do in functions. Now i would appreciate it if you do not post such rude comments again. Even if there is an OWF facebook group, i really do not care, this was a group merely intended for fans, they have their own choice if they want to join it, so i would much appreciate it if you keep your comments to yourself if this is how you talk to members. Thankyou
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