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Just posting the dream I had today. Please forgive me if there are grammar errors, I typed too fast to worry about them.
It started in a big open field, like the space of 4 big castles. There was also a gate, a few houses, a clean pathway from the gate to a castle, both made out of cobblestone.
Me and my friends were playing there. We were invited to a "tournament", where the winner receives the ultimate gift.
Well, it didn't take long enough for the organizer to sense something in my friend. She had a strange look, looked like she had 25 years old. She approached my friend and told her that she felt something different in her.
I, however, felt something different in the organizer. A aura that is too evil to comprehend. And during one of my rounds, one of the opponents mentioned a rumor, where the organizer takes random members and make them the organizers of the next events... In every 100 years.
I took a sword that was just laying around and got next to the pathway. The organizer wanted to show all the power that my friend could have by giving her the power to control everyone in the tournament.
She accepted and the lights went from bright to extremely bright.
While my friend was testing her newer powers, the organizer came with a fury of attacks towards me. I had to fight back and kill her.
After countless of hours, I've finally finished her with a sword on her chest. She laughed.
"A curse changes to those who kill us". And she fell.
I could hear voices after. The curse has moved upon me. And now, instead of living for hundreds of years, I had to become a demon who would lose its breath into space and come to earth to feed.
Woke up
Noob to rule all noobs. Lost in a sea of texts

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