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Originally Posted by Gunnr View Post
Flattered I inspired you
I enjoy many art mediums(music, photography, writing ect) I'm personally more comfortable at old fashinoned pencil drawings.
Digital art is fairly new to me and I'm just learning as I go
I would love to try my hand at digital art, but I lost the photoshop program I used to have on my laptop when my hard drive bit the dust a few years ago.

Delete if not allowed, but I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the super OLD art I made back when I was a brand new Oddworld fan. It's kinda cringe-worthy, but it could have been worse. Circa 2007...

Ol-Crabby-The-Scrab Crawling-Slig Munch Flying-Slig Big-Bro-Slig Baby-Munch Baby-Slig Abe

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