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Originally posted by Silversnow
How the heck do I write a good fighting scene?
Be specific. Dont take to long explaining something. Things need to happen quick.
Create an element of danger.
As well as these, you have to keep in mind not to be repetative and make sure the words flow just right. Also try and describe emotions and facial expressions.

Bad: Bob puched Bill in the stomach.

Good: Bob and Bill both stood still in the parking lot. Even though it was raining very hard, the whole school had gathered to see this fight. It was practically an event; ever since Bill had started going out with Bob's ex, Jessica, rumors of a brawl had broken out before the two competitors even knew about it. Now here they were, Bill with his fists clenched so tight they were turning pure white and a smug expresion spread across Bob's face from ear to ear. Bob was always intimidating. He'd gotten into loads of fights before, so this wasn't anything new to him like it was to Bill. Bill was really nervous. Sweat was beading on his forehead and dripping down. A few tears even managed to squeze themselves out, but nobody noticed on count of the rain.
"Come on!" Bob eged on. "You didn't think I was gonna find out!"
Bill just continued to stand still, his back stiffened and his chest puffed out.

Eh, you get the idea.


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