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I'd actually be more inclinded to say 'Don't write everything that's happening'. Sure you need to describe somethings, but if you describe everything, then your story will drag a lot.
For example; I might say somthing like this:

'Kesiah sat in the centre of the room. Her Yami, a younger girl of about 14, with blonde hair to her shoulders, pale blue eyes and pale, creamy skin, sat a little to her left, about two steps behind and to the side.
"When do you think she will get here?" Anna, as that was the name of Kesiah's Yami, said.'

Conpared to:
'Kesiah sat in the centre of the room, alone excepting the presence of her Yami.
"When do you think she will get here?" Kesiah's Yami asked. Kes recalled her name to be Anna, and that she was the younger of the two, but little else.'

So, while you describe less of the surroundings, you sort of learn more about the characters, by seeing what is important to the characters, through what they notice. Not many people would notice every little detail of a room, unless it is for a really good reason. So you can only mention things that are important to the character you are writing about.

And that was me raving on while pretending to be a good writer... But hey, I learned from it, even if you guys didn't. ^.^
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