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I'd say not to make the characters too cliché. Don't make the bad guys so bad that its obvious they're it were. And the same goes for the good guys.

Also, try not to advance your story too fast in your head. I've done that and i already know how all my characters [even the ones not introduced yet] stories are going to end.

Write ideas down, i don't do this and i hate myself for not doing so. I always think up good ideas, fall asleep, and forget everything.

If you have a group of characters for your fic and you are progressing nicely with their stories, keep with them and finish them off. I've introduced tonnes of new characters over the past months and this means tonnes of thinking on how their stories are going to progress. I'm sure some people who have read some of my other fics will realise how towards the end the stories have become sub-par [The assassins story, 'Freedom' or Alexie's].

Make the fights good, i still haven't mastered this, but i think my most favourite fight in all my fics is when Midian is killed and Alexie beats up Iraxx. This is just my personal favourite, even though it is quite sub-par.

I just have a question which revolves when introducing a character thats well known, do you always have to describe what they're wearing? I always do, but i sometimes feel this could be tedious. Any opions/answers would be appreciated.
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