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Default [Poll] Should Oddworld go completely 3D eventually?

When Oddworld made the jump to 3D in Munch's Oddysee it failed due to attempting to copy the Abe games' gameplay, which did not work due to time constraints and inexperience. However, Stranger's Wrath showed that Oddworld could thrive in 3D with its beautiful atmospheres and gameplay.

Ever since the series was rebooted, they seem to be planning on going with the 2.5/2.7D.

Would you prefer they go 3D or stay as is?

Edit: Dammit; forgot to add a 4th option for "I'm okay with a mix of both/Either one being the norm".

Edit #2: I would like it if they eventually went 3D since I'm not a fan of how the 2.5/9D looks like; and it's a lot more immersive to explore the world like that. Hell, SW is my favorite of the 3D Oddworld games due to how good the world looked (especially compared to Munch's Oddysee). Imagine what Oddworld would look like if they decided to go back to full-3D?

(Although if they do decide to mix it up, I'd be okay with it depending on what was needed for the game).

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