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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
I've always wanted to see how the original control scheme would work in 3D - as in, a 1-to-1 recreation of Oddysee gameplay in 3D space. I've actually been building this in Dreams on PS4 out of curiosity and while it's nowhere near finished, it's pretty fun so far.

I have Abe sculpted and playable, but Gamespeak isn't ready. The run, jump, chant and roll animations are in (keyframed directly based on the sprites in the AO manual) though I'm having a few difficulties with the logic.

I've also got Meat Grinders, electric fences and mines working properly, along with some scenery like barrels and catwalks. The idea is to make assets as a tileset that can be used to make new puzzles.

I'll no doubt make a thread at some point and post some images/videos once it's further along and better to show Though I have started a number of projects in Dreams and end up constantly jumping between them, and never finishing anything!
I'm working on something similar, but it's more of a remake of Exoddus. Mine is basically Abe's Exoddus enviroments in 2.5D style gameplay. Now that gameplay of Soulstorm have been released, I could transform the levels of Exoddus in a Soulstorm style gameplay but with original mechanics of Exoddus, or I could build it 2.5D like New 'n' Tasty.
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