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Zerox heeds the wisdom of the storystones (154)Zerox heeds the wisdom of the storystones (154)

I suppose it can't hurt for me to do the honours...

Khanzumerz: name believed to be derived from "consumers", fans assume these to be those inhabitants who the Glukkons market their products to. They are said to be the most valuable animals on Oddworld, so it is assumable the Glukkons would treat them in this way. Nothing is known of physiology or biology otherwise that isn't speculated.
Meetles: Meetles were originally planned to appear in Munches Oddysee, cut presumably due to similar reasons as why the queens weren't involved and how a whole lot of other things were cut from MO because of stupid Microsoft's time restraints for the release date. First there were to be grubs. They grew into adults depending on what they were fed: Mudokons fed them plant matter, and they grow into adults with dome shaped shells and were to be ridden. Industrialists fed them meat. They grew into adults with traingle shaped backs and sharp teeth, and attacked, killed and ate Mudokons etc., but otherwise look pretty much identical to the other Meetle type.
Mugs: I can't really remember, sorry. Couldn't find anything >.< They aren't the trianglular backed variety of Meetle, are they? I think they were...there are some visible here:
Chroniclers: Chroniclers were to be an accountant or lawyer species of oddworld, having evolved an extra pair of arms to help with, um, uh, accounting (that's 4 arms total). They are fairly lanky and weak, not getting any real excercise.

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