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Name: Saul

Full Name: Saul Zimmer

Age: 14

Species: Mudokon

Height: 5 feet

Occupation: Mudarcher patrolman

Sexuality: Asexual

Favorite food: cake (has one for breakfast every day thanks to Eli)

Worst Fear: losing the rest of his senses

Greatest Desire: To regain his lost eyesight, keep the other Mudokon villagers safe and from experiencing what he and his friends went through at SoulStorm Brewery

Weapon of Choice: Spoocebow

Bad traits: can still bump into things due to zero eyesight, can be a busybody, is helpless without his spoocebow or hearing

Sex: Worker

Tribe: None (formerly a slave born in SoulStorm before being transferred to Necrum Mines and eventually being freed by Abe)

Residence: A hut in the village (before Moe accidentally destroyed it), now lives with Eli

Hobbies: archery, testing recipes with Eli, listening to music, singing/whistling, hackey sack, chatting/gossiping

Eye color: none (eyes sewn shut) (formerly brown and yellow)

Skills: sharp hearing, skilled archer, good singer

Hair: classic purple and blue mudarcher feather

Name: Zach

Full Name: Zachary Hoke

Age: 4

Species: Mudokon

Height: 3.5 feet

Occupation: None (he's a child)

Sexuality: Heterosexual (limited to "puppy love" crushes due to his young age)

Favorite food: sweets, especially ice cream

Worst Fear: losing Bob, getting returned to the Vykkers, being alone

Greatest Desire: To grow up, to be like his heroes (Bob, Abe, and Levi)

Weapon of Choice: None (too young)

Bad traits: very shy, doesn't really know how to act around other children due to never having others his age to play with, his curiosity and zeal to impress others can get him and/or his friends in trouble

Sex: Drone

Tribe: None (former a scrub from Vykkers Labs before living with Bob and then moving with him to the Mudokon village)

Residence: Bob’s Tea and Sweets

Hobbies: drawing, video games (formerly), internet (formerly), playing with toys and his imagination, trying to be like the "grown ups"

Eye color: brown with yellow sclera

Skills: skillful gamer, child artist, has a great imagination,

Hair: 3 yellow feathers tied up, going in seperate directions

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