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Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)

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Sounds really creepy. Good too. More please! ^o^ I love reading Oddworld fanfics. *thumbs up*
Thanks but don't excpect too much because I thought of this on the way home from school.
Edit:Oh I forgot I had some more to the story.

Chapter 2


"Sure it's just outside." The slig answered. Truthfully he didn't really want to go and see it again. It must have showed on his face because Finklar said "Just tell me where it is and I'll investigate myself. You worry about your work." The slig nodded in agreement. After walking out to the forest the slig pointed in the direction Finklar should go. Finklar walked off on his own to the blotch of blood smeared on the trees. Tex lay peacefully on the ground. Finklar checked to see whether or not he was really dead. There was a possibility that he was still alive though Finklar doubted it. After a quick examineation it was clear he was dead. But then Finklar noticed something that he had not excpected. There was no place that the blood had come from. There wasn't any open wounds, blood, or fractured limbs on the glukkon. 'But where did the blood come from?' Finklar wondered 'The murderer must have smeared something else's blood on these trees to disguise the murder as an accident or suicide. 'But how did the glukkon die then?' Finklar asked himself as he paced around. He wasn't clubbed to death because then he would have had most of his limbs fractured. He wan't shot and then sown up because then there would still be blood on the glukkon. Unless they had another suit and after the shooting had put that on instead. Just to be sure Finklar undressed the glukkon to check for stitches. There wasn't any. 'This wasn't a random killing.' he thought. He heard a soft snap of a branch. Finklar, now fully alert ran out of the forest. He didn't stop until he made it to the edge of the forest when he looked behind himself. It was the last thing he ever did. He couldn't breath. He couldn't see. He couldn't even think. His eyeballs rolled into the back of his head as he collapsed. Dead. Or so his would-be killer thought.

I wasn't planning the ending but I thought I would spice up the action.

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Congratulations, Oddey, on winning FC's fanfiction competition two years running! You are clearly the man to beat!

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