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Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)

Ok not being mean or anything but Mullock's Assistant you should really use capitals at the begining of your sentances. It looks cleaner. And to everybody who read this story I made it with no idea of the plot so I might need some time to think of the next chapters. Anyway without further ado (maybe a little) I present:
Chapter 5

Brain Work

Finklar sat down next to Germ and asked "What's on the menu?"."Well there is paramite pie, elum chubbies, fuzzle bites, paramite juice, and clean water." Germ replied. Finklar pondered over what to have. He decided to have 2 elum chubbies and some water. Walking over to the counter the mudokon asked "What do ya want?". Finklar, not bothering to converse with the worker, grabbed his food and walked back to the table. Eating slowly, he saw that the slig had gotten a paramite pie and ten fuzzle bites. After finishing his meal he looked at the slig. Germ had ordered another ten fuzzle bites and gulped all of them down in a matter of seconds. "I'm going to go and look at the glukkon." Finklar notified the slig but not knowing why. It wasn't necsasarey to tell a simple slig your intentions. Walking back to his lab he noticed that the glukkon's hat had fallen off. Picking it up, he sat it next to the glukkon's lifeless body. It was only then that he realizied the glukkon wasn't there. Looking around the lab franticlly he tried to find any trace of the glukkon. Just then Germ came throught the door. Looking at the vykker he then glanced at something else. Then gunfire was heard. A slig fell to the ground. Finklar walked over to it. Germ followed the vykker to where the slig lay. "Who are you?" Finklar asked. The slig remained silent. It was alive but just barely. Sighing deeply Finklar walked over to where his tools lay. Taking all of them he walked back over to the dying slig and pulled out his sharpest knife and asked again "Who are you?". But the slig wasn't breathing anymore, It was dead. Walking back to his table Finklar tripped. "What the?" Finklar wondered aloud. Looking back he saw it was the glukkon. But now there was a small hole in his suit. 'Germ must have shot through his suit to kill that slig... whoever that was.' Taking the glukkon up and setting him back on the surgery table."Slig, you might want to look away for a little this is going to be really gross. For you." Finklar advised. Slig footsteps were heard. 'He must have gone out for a minute.' He thought as he got to work on taking a brain sample on Tex. Within the next few minutes Finklar knew how the glukkon was killed but who remained a mystery.

Ooooo long chapter here. Give me comments and the story stays. If not say goodbye to this story.

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Congratulations, Oddey, on winning FC's fanfiction competition two years running! You are clearly the man to beat!

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