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Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (774)
Default It's Murder Market 2

Yes... It turns out the paper with the plot on it was under my nose the whole time. And now I'm going to try again thanks to AlexFili.

Murder Market II

Chapter One
Finding Abe

Finklar's Airship drifted away slowly as Germ watched from his bedside window. But unlike most, no black smoke was billowing trailing behind or any slaves pulling levers and pulleys. It was an odd sight after seeing so many normal ones. He shifted his head to lie on his back but this caused a quick burst of pain. Wincing, he grabbed a painkiller and stopped it in his mouth. As he closed his eyes he fell into slumber with light snores.

Finklar was standing in front of the ship, with wind blasting into his face. Straining to keep his eyes open, he looked across the landscape. No factories were to be seen except a recently shut-down one that had yet to be removed. Sailing towards it with almost full speed, in hopes that Abe would be nearby. It would take about 1 hour to get there. As they neared Finklar spotted a dot on the horizon. A blue dot. "That way!" Shouted Finklar over the billowing wind. The airship captain had gotten the message as it sailed towards Abe. Abe became increasingly larger as the airship began losing altitude. Once it landed Finklar strode off the ship toward Abe, who in turn walked toward Finklar.
"What are you here for?" Asked Abe slightly bemused.
"The Raisen is still missing." Answered Finklar.
"I was already looking for him. But I don't have any leads." Said Abe glumly.
"Well I'm here to help." Said Finklar in a sort of It-Will-Be-All-Right voice, despite thaat Finklar had no ideas either.
"Maybe it'll be easier in Vykker's Labs. There's a bigger veiw there." Said Finklar thoughtfully. Then it struck him the the green creatures seemed to know just about everything. Perhaps they knew.
"What about those green things we met! They might know!" Said Abe's face which had now lit up with excitment. Apparently, Finklar wasn't the only one who had thought of this.
"Yeah. But we need Germ with us. We'll go back and get him." Said Finklar.
"Ok." Said Abe as he boarded the airship. As it slowly rose, they made their way back.

And I'll finish it this time.

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Congratulations, Oddey, on winning FC's fanfiction competition two years running! You are clearly the man to beat!

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