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Spurgumir managed to get out of the cave… Wow, so impressive (13)

When I was a little kid I had one dream that was related to OW. I had just been introduced to OW by playing Abe's Oddysee demo disc on my Ps. Oh the horros of that game's menu, I was so scared of those random sounds and Abe's somewhat strange voice, maybe the menu music too. Next time when I had a nightmare, it was typical running away from something dream, I could hear those sounds and voices from the darkness where I was running in my dream. Man it was creepy.

Few years go by and I bought used copy of Abe's Oddysee from a local seller, (He was great guy, got Resident Evil 2, Driver, and also Exoddus from him later on.) with my little savings that I as a school kid had. Then I learned that the game wasn't so scary after all. This whole experience was kinda maturing experience for me, I think. Strange how much your mind can grow in such little time...
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