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It's a bunch of people who don't know anything about games.
Some of the most prominent figures in video game-related feminism are game developers, or play/review video games as an occupation.
Also, you still haven't come up with a legitimate purpose for feminsm yet.
There's women genuinely being oppressed
(oh my god you have to be pulling my leg here)
Feminism exists to have women taken as seriously as men are. On top of the massive issue of infringement of basic rights in foreign countries, as you mentioned, women and feminine qualities are not taken as seriously as men and masculine qualities are, even in ways that affect men and only men. Being feminine is often seen as making one weaker. This often applies to men. Saying a man "hits like a girl", or something similar, is an insult, and men who act "like women" are seen as jokes. Women are often taken advantage of for sexual reasons, for example catcalling, and the legions of douchebags who will jump at the chance to defend it. Do women catcall random men on the street? Nah, not really. If they did, would anyone be upset? Doubtful. A man being victimized by a woman is seen as pathetic, because women aren't taken seriously. This is an issue that harms both genders. Also, how many men are there in media that are created for sex appeal reasons? Waaaaay less than women. Way, way less. Women as a concept are largely associated with sex.

No one has ever made a game worse by asking for less hackneyed and sterotyped diverse characters. No one has forced game developers to do anything. Developers want to know what people would like to see in games.
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