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Writing like a b*censored* I need to finish a chapter before these two weeks end and I disappear again x3…

Also, KK7 is getting something ready for Dbreak, so he is not going to move until next post.



Twitching his tentacles, Dbreak lost it… not really lost it enough to maul that damn girl, but if she thought that she could have the last word. Why not? Let her have the last word. With a grunt he turned, came inside the lab again and placed something in the table so hard that it bent.

“Want to know something girl?” He said in a hissing tone “You may be right, I may be a dumb piece of muscle, who knows… I may even not outsmart you, and that hurts” With a chuckle he took his hand to show that it was a photo on the table “But knowing you for only a few minutes has left me with all I needed to know from you”

He placed a finger over the photo, a photo that showed a tribal village in the background, trees everywhere and a great group of Mudokons with both Dbreak and KK7. It was clear in the photo that almost every Mudokon was a bit wary or fearful of the pair, but the closer ones, in special one Mudokon with a yellowish coloration, seemed to be perfectly fine, even happy, to be there.

“I know I have a place to go where I will not be treated like…” He took a deep breath “A piece of meat, a replaceable tool, scraps from a experiment table or a defective robot that is kept around only because it would be funnier to see it break than to scrap it right away” He was getting a deep hissing tone that he used only with the worst criminals out there. His nerves were just set right to kill something if pushed just enough “I have what I would love to call a family and friends, I don’t need technology as much as everyone else in this damn place and I know I have a place to go” Giving out an angry smile, he pointed at her “But do you? Do you have a place to go or is someone just going to take you as they please until they are tired or you are not useful anymore?” Dbreak grinned with malice, something he rarely did “It doesn’t matter what kind of answer you give me, because I know the real answer is *No*” Turning, he grinned, blind and deaf to anything but that black Mudokon “I must congratulate you, girl, because from all the Mudokons I have met, you are the only one I wouldn’t ever help escape or that I would befriend” Grinning, he began walking away “Except if you change your character… which I doubt just enough to be sure the closer you could be to friendship with anyone is if they DIDN'T intend to kill you”

Dbreak was going to get out of the lab but thought *Why leave now? This is the first time someone has gotten me THIS angry* He smiled darkly for once *Let’s see how this ends...

"Well?" He stopped in front of the door, inches away from that choice that was leaving "I didn’t thought you were going to stay silent for such pitiful remark" Dbreak didn’t even pay enough consideration as to look at her now “Weren’t you so sure of your words and your reasons? What are the words of a dumb hulk without brain now?” He wasn’t looking back, he simply wanted to know if the girl had any kind of feelings asides that angst… not that he cared anymore, and that was a first for him "Come on, I am ready for anything you have to say to me now"
Lets get this head hunt started shall we?
-Who are we hunting?
Anything that ask us to stop liking Metal and games.
-Half the world then?
Shut up and get me some skulls...


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