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Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)

Chapter 7


Finklar sat down as did the mudokon. In the chair, Finklar asked the mudokon again "Do you know everyone in the factory?" The mudokon nodded. "And you are willing to tell me?" Finklar asked. Another nod. "So start talking" said Finklar as he pulled out a paper and a pen. "Well it depends on who you want to know about. The most likely are some sligs, glukkons or some natives. Which do you wish me to start with?" replied the mudokon. "Start with the sligs and glukkons." said Finklar already writing down the label for the sligs and glukkons. "Well the boss here he might be the culprit but if he is then he's got to have some kind of backup. He's kinda like your average glukkon. Hates the wild loves profit. He spat on me once." continued the mudokon. "Now the sligs that are likelist are Germ, Jik, and number #3756. They all have the same personality except for Germ. Germ has always been more helpful. A few of the other workers would be Finja, Jure, and Sapta. Now these muds aren't to be trusted. They've been known to beat up there supervisors together. I've seen them bully other muds. The boss is even a little fearful around them. That is the most likely canidates here. There is no native village close by. It may be possible that some are hiding in the forest near here. Th-" Finklar interupted " It wasn't natives unless one of the sligs here has helped them. Is there a slig with a sort of nature charm?" The mudokon looked thoughtfull. After a good deal of thinking the mudokon firmly said "No. No slig here would ever have gotten in touch with even the outside of the forest." Finklar wondered a little. Then he wrote down his other knowledge. In the end the entire sheet was:
Sligs: #3756 because he was mentioned. Jik: Same reason.
Glukkons: Boss: Highly unlikely because the money remains.
Muds: Finja, Jure, Sapta: Highly dangerous, and native as well.
Natives: Abe and Munch: No slig will convert to nature, Tex was zapped.
Coclusion: Most likely culprit: Abe & Munch or Scrubs.

"Thank you for your time." Finklar said as he rose from his chair. "You forget to deliver my favour." The mudokon reminded Finklar. "And what is this favour?" asked the vykker. "I need you to get me out of here." replied the mudokon.

Finnally finished. Took a long time but I didn't need a month-long break at least. So what do you think fans?

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