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Originally Posted by Nate View Post
I think the idea is that he's trying to tell the same larger story about Mudos, but without adding extra heros along the way. So I'm guessing in Soulstorm we're gonna be seeing about Maggie and Sam and hints towards Maggie's grandma with Gorman Disenza.
That's fair enough, but it's kind of hard to explore, say, the oceans and underwater environments around Mudos without Munch as a character, not to mention the other unique lore elements and gameplay mechanics he brings to the table. I'd imagine the other three Quintology heroes would be equally unique in terms of expanding upon both the world and gameplay of the series. I realize MO was not the most successful game in the original series, but that has far more to do with production schedules and missed potential than it does with Munch himself.
plus i really wanna see and play as Squeek after all these years :C
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