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Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)Oddey didn't even know they have a destiny (850)

Chapter 3

Close Call

Slowly gaining consiousness Finklar rose up from the ground.'What happened?' He wondered. The last thing he remembered was the crunch of a branch. Then everything had gone dark a little after. It was here Finklar realized he had almost been murdered. Finklar was not familiar with the fact that someone was trying to kill him. 'It wasn't very well done because I'm still alive.' He thought 'But why did someone want me dead? I havn't done anything to any mudokons so it wasn't Abe. Maybe I found out a little too much back at the place where Tex was murdered. Yes that must be right. But was it the killer or was it someone hired by the killer.' He couldn't stay here. Go back to the factory and ask for some guards, a voice in his head told him. Walking back to the front entrance he spied the same slig. "I checked it out but I didn't stay. The killer might still be there so could you come with me as guards?" He asked. The other sligs slowly backed off but the one who had told him the way stayed. "I'll come." he said "My name is Germ just so you know." "I'm Finklar." Finklar replied as he shook hands with the slig. Accompanied by his new guard, Finklar walked out to the scene of the crime to examine the glukkon closer.

Well if you have any critisism or that type of thing then feel free to post. And if you love this story please feel free to pull the lever to your right-or just post a comment on your favourite bit. If the comments dissapear then so will the story.

Edit: After some thinking I've decided to make another chapter.

Chapter 4


Before going into the forest Finklar took a good look around for dangers. Finklar didn't want to end up like that again. 'But who would?' he thought. Checking to see if the slig was still following him, Finklar looked to his side. Yes, the slig was still there. Finklar walked out to where Tex lay. 'So how did you die' Finklar wondered. After an examination Finklar had decided he needed time to think and he wasn't going to find so much of that out here. "Could you help me lift him up? We are going to take him back to my lab." Finklar asked. Nodding obiediantly Germ took one side and heaved. A sack of money fell out. "Well this proves he wasn't killed for money." Finklar said. "Who said this was a murder?" Germ inquired. "Well how could he have commited suicide? And how could it have been an accident? No this was a murder." Said Finklar firmly. At the forest's edge Germ's grip slipped. The glukkon fell to the gorund and his head was crushed on a rock. His fall was so hard his brain was exposed. Finklar was going to shout at the slig for his incompitence but then noticed that with his brain revealed it might tell more about his murder. "Perfect!" Finklar said with no hint of sarcasm. "Sorry my grip slipped." said the slig ashamed. "No that's fine because with an open way to the brain I might be able to find out how he was killed." replied Finklar happily "Here you take this side I'll take the other." As they carried the glukkon through the factory, they were stared at. When they had finnaly carried him to the lab it was lunch time. Finklar locked the door behind him and went out to get his lunch and Germ followed.

So what do you think so far? Who is responsible? And I need comments or else no more story.

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