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LOL. You're kidding me, right? Please tell me no one here is ignorant enough to accuse a member who has only been here for such a short time. Please.

The complete and utter irony that you would accuse someone who only brings up the fact that OWF demonstrates such a terrible habit, as if that is proof enough that the person just HAS TO BE that individual charged with being a multi, is absolutely rediculous. I hope that no one will believe something so idiotic because I am nothing more than a member who has watched the OWF for some time before joining and therefore am already fully aware of what has gone on in its recent history.

Perhaps this is a lost cause. I've been suspected of being the dreaded Dino. Once someone accuses a new member, it's all down hill from there. The member never recovers and is forever suspected of being the multi until he is driven away by all the attacks or banned without appropriate reason. That's the wonders of the power of suggestion. It only takes one person, one post, to ruin another's membership.

Do you realise how stupid and wreckless your post was? You have absolutely no proof that I am Dino, yet you feel whatever little thoughts are running through your head are enough to ruin my ruputation, which I have been working very hard at to establish, fighting myself because of my disorder that I struggle with on a daily basis. How dare you so irresponsibly attack me. There will never be a time in my membership now that not a single person believes I am the accused member supposedly keeps coming back. What the hell are you thinking? Are you proud of your little declaration of stupidity? You're not even an admin so there's no possible way you could even have that much "proof" with knowing my IP address. I invite all the administration to check out my IP address. However, this could turn out disasterous as I may turn out to use the same one as Dino. Thus, I hope you all know much better than to let the power of suggestion overtake your reasoning and logic. Look at my posting style(s) but keep in mind my disorder, and you will definitely see that this foolish lad has wrongly suspected me. Do not let this ruin my time here, please.

This account has been OANSTed.

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