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STM, no need to be white-knighting here. If I didn't care about Oddworld I wouldn't have even bothered to recall the password to my account here, let alone write any long-winded posts. Nepsotic is right -- it's better to voice your concerns early on while it's still possible to make corrections without too much effort. And it's not only those 15 minutes that lead me to the assumptions I've voiced above but also the on-going flaws of the previous game (N'n'T). Some issues may be due to placeholders from N'n'T being used. So there's hope that they are going to be corrected later on. I don't really rely on my opinion being taken into account but since OWI staff seemingly visit these forums I decided to post. Maybe it will come out useful. This is only my humble opinion, of course. But then again, that's what the forums is for - for sharing opinions (and not only praise and worship; no criticism - no progress).

Regarding why I care and nitpick so much. There are few games, let alone platformers, that manage to let you suspend disbelief, take them seriously and live the story. Oddworld hit the nail on the head, which was pretty unique. It wasn't just a platformer where at any given point in time you were fully aware that you're playing a computer game. The latter may be fun but it's not what I expect from and Oddworld game, especially regarding the high goals stated by OWI themselves.

Also, achieving the aforementioned effect does not mean 'carbon-copying' Abe's Oddysee and "getting that shade of green just right" as Nate has put it in another topic. I would've been totally fine with OWI ditching the platforming gameplay altogether as long as they found it necessary to get the story across. And it's not about making each and every level look like Rupture Farms either. There's just a fine difference between a mediocre work and a masterpiece. The former may very well be enjoyable and the latter may not be really perfect, it's overall consistency that plays the key role. It's attention to detail but not as in literally putting as many small details in the environment as possible but rather as in carefully choosing and combining thereof. Keeping those help elements that remind you that you're playing a game as few and as implicit as possible is definitely one of the important things.

I repeat that all in all it's clear that they're putting great deal of effort into the game. The amount of modelling and texturing alone is formidable. I like how most of the in-game models look, the new design for glukkons and the concept art. But the devil is in the detail. I wouldn't have cared less to comment if Oddworld were just another mediocre game universe. I really hope Soulstorm does not turn out to be one of those 'play and forget' games.

P. S. I also really hope they release the editing tools. It's understandable that the creators may prefer to hold full control of their property but take a look at Half-Life for example. The SDK became available roughly at the same time as the game was released. It's been around for more than 20 years and people still keep making really good add-ons for it and updating the goldsource engine.

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