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Default How To Upload a Signature/Sigpic/Banner - Now Idiot Proof

Since I've recently been deluged with pleads for help on how to upload a signature image, here it is, in one easy post.

Step One: Find the picture you want, and save it to your computer. Keep in mind that the size max is 400 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, with a size limit of 35 kilobytes. My example will be this stupid sig made in about 10 seconds, using google and Adobe Photoshop.

Step Two: Host your signature image by going to this site. Click on browse, which is demonstrated in the below photo.

ADMIN EDIT: Note that this step is completely unnecessary.

Once you hit browse, a popup will come up, and display your files. Find the correct file, and select it, then hit okay.

Step Three: Now, go to User CP, which is located in the top bar of Oddworld Forums. When the bar drops down after you click on it, click edit signature.

Step Four: Okay, it's getting hard now, but stay with me. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and follow the next instructions in the following images.

Now, once you've done that, click 'Save Signature'. Scroll back down, and then follow these last two instructions.


(Disclaimer: This guide was made assuming you are using the full interface for OWF, not the lame one that only lets you alter text effects like bold, italic, underline, and size. If you do not have full interface set and don't know how to turn it on despite numerous searching in the user CP, follow the following instructions)

Step One: Run down to the nearest firearms store, and apply for a gun liscene.

Step Two: Receive said liscene an unknown number of days later.

Step Three: Return to gun shop, and purchase a Colt .357 magnum. Purchase an appropriate box of shells.

Step Four: Return to your home, and load the Colt.

Step Five: Place barrel against forehead, make sure gun is loaded, make peace with any gods you have.

Step Six: Pull trigger, and rid the world of a menace.

But, really. Thanks to Salamander, I don'thave to waste time typing it myself.

Originally Posted by salamander View Post
Click on User CP then click on Edit Options. Scroll down to the bottom until you see a big box which is called Miscellaneous Options then find a section called Message Editor Interface and change the tab to Enhanced Interface. Then follow Mitsur's instructions.
Thank you for reading my guide. I hope you've had a nice day and saved me a headache.


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