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Flad is in the security office after saying hi to everyone in there. I can't think of anything to do with him just yet. I didn't think it would be realistic for him to just walk in, say hi then walk out to talk to Borso and Tok (possibly KK7 too, he's outside the security office isn't he?).


Slen was lying on the floor, his vision was still fuzzy and he could see a green blur standing over him, "Erp?" Slen murmured. The green blur then pulled up Slen using two huge blurs which, when Slen's vision returned to normal, turned out to be hands. "Thanks" Slen said and for the first time saw his helper, "A BIG BRO! Of all the beings I could of run into" he thought. "Um, uh, Medbay? I don't know. Uh, I should be fine just a bit of rubbing from the chains." Slen said, raised his arms slightly from behind his back and screamed in pain, "AHH, my arm!" Slen's left arm began giving him surges of pain, even more so then the occasional beatings or the slight electrical accidents he was used to back at Gluck Shock.

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